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Mobile and temporary units

SUEZ provides industrial companies with flexible and temporary water treatment solutions to better manage fluctuations in production levels. Mobile treatment solutions represent a flexible and scalable alternative to cope with variations in the volumes of process water required for and waste water generated by industrial activities.

The service

A flexible water treatment solution for industry

In a constantly evolving economic context, operating cost control and investment capacity must be reconciled with production needs and respect for the environment. Transportable by road or sea, SUEZ's mobile water treatment solutions represent a temporary response designed to meet the challenges faced by industry:

Ensuring continuity of production 

 With mobile fleet solutions active throughout the world, SUEZ ensures the continuity of industrial water production in the event of an emergency (the failure of an installation, for example), or the treatment of effluents in compliance with environmental discharge standards. 

Anticipating fluctuations in production

Mobile solutions replace or complement permanent water treatment facilities. They make it possible to compensate for variations in the volumes of process water to be produced or waste water to be treated without impacting your industrial activity.

Treating water without investment and in a cost-effective way

The unit leasing solution allows you to produce water or treat effluents without any need for investment. Thanks to a high degree of standardisation, all development, assembly, routing and commissioning costs are reduced. 


The following treatment methods are available:
  • Pretreatment: dissolved-air flotation, lamellar settling, cartridge filters, ultrafiltration, sand filters.
  • Demineralisation by reverse osmosis: ion exchange units with external or in-situ regeneration.
  • Post-treatment: electro-deionisation, ion exchange.
In addition to the leasing of mobile units, SUEZ offers maintenance services and user training to ensure the quality of the treated water.  
Simple and reliable, these mobile and temporary treatment solutions guarantee the treatment of the required water volumes and a high level of quality and safety (ISO 9001 and OHSAS). 

The duration of the leasing contract can be adapted to your needs and the service is responsive, emergency solutions being implemented within 48 hours by our teams. 

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