We support you to

Manchester Renew Hub, England

Promote circular economy

We are developing services to help you integrate the circular economy. The aim is to share, reuse, repair, renovate and recycle existing products and materials for as long as possible.

Develop responsible behaviours

We are convinced that helping you to involve your employees or users in the development of more sustainable lifestyles is an essential step towards protecting the environment.
Selective collection sorting center in Poitiers, France

Reduce the carbon footprint of waste

All our collection, sorting, reuse, recycling and recovery solutions help to reduce the carbon footprint of your household and industrial waste. And we go even further.

Take daily action to develop the circular economy

Today, we know that we need to rethink our models to produce less waste. Committed to working alongside you, we implement solutions to help reduce waste and limit its impact on the environment. We help address the challenges you face.
Each year, we avoid the equivalent of 6.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions into the environment by means of energy-from-waste processes and materials recovery.

We firmly believe that every action counts when it comes to reducing our reliance on natural resources and protecting the environment.

Every day, we work alongside you to reduce waste production, promote a circular economy and contribute to building a greener world.

Analyse, understand and put into practice more environmentally friendly practices

Promoting and implementing practices that reduce consumption in order to reuse and make the best possible use of the finite resources of the Earth is central to our purpose. As a partner working with local authorities and businesses, we strive to develop the circular economy, encourage environmentally friendly practices and reduce the carbon footprint of waste.

Promote the circular economy

We identify opportunities for reducing, reusing and recycling waste including through using PEMD (Waste and Raw Materials Saving Plan) diagnostics.

We support Renew hub, centres that collect, recycle and resell used items, helping to extend their life and reduce waste production, with a limited impact on the environment.

Whether you’re a local authority or a business, we work closely with you to incorporate the circular economy into your activities.

Develop responsible behaviours

We encourage users to take a preventive approach, reduce the amount of waste they produce and develop and adopt more cautious practices, such as sorting at source and using recycled products, in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

We invest in in-company training and education programmes to raise awareness about the importance of waste management and promote sustainable practices.

Reduce the carbon footprint of waste

We identify opportunities for reducing emissions. We help you to reduce the carbon footprint of your waste by offering greenhouse gas assessment and low-carbon waste management solutions.

In addition, to help achieve carbon neutrality on a regional level, we will continue to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations, mainly by means of a specific carbon capture and storage plan as well as making our facilities energy self-sufficient.

We can also support you in your other waste recycling and recovery challenges

Manage waste

For more than 160 years, we have been by your side to address the challenges you face and come up with innovations to meet them. We master the entire waste value chain to provide you with global solutions and we implement more sustainable practices.

Recycle and recover

As a key player in the circular economy and an expert in waste recovery, we support our customers through all stages of the value chain, including collection, sorting, recycling and recovery, as well as sale. Our ever more innovative solutions are used to convert waste into secondary materials or renewable energy.