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Quality recycled materials in accordance with technical specifications

The use of recycled raw materials saves natural resources and reduces the carbon footprint of your business. Our presence throughout the value chain allows you to secure your supplies in quantities and qualities.

Virtuous resources

We work closely with you to offer you recycled raw materials that perfectly meet your needs, including:

  • Securing supplies
  • The stability and technical and regulatory compliance of the quality of recycled materials
  • A carbon saving balance for certain materials (plastics)
  • Complete traceability

On a multitude of subjects:


Plastics manufacturers in the agri-food, construction, automotive, textiles, wind turbine sectors, you are looking for high quality recycled plastics, you have the choice of resins: clear or coloured PET, food grade, white or coloured PVC, granulated or micronized, black or transparent LDPE. Quality is guaranteed by our in-house quality departments at each factory. Using our recycled plastics will bring you into the loop of the circular economy while saving virgin materials and energy.

Wood and pallets

We offer a wide range of wood waste products for different applications:

  • Chips, sawdust for material recovery to manufacture new products: partitions, furniture panels, frameworks, etc.
  • Forest chips for energy recovery, to supply the biomass boilers of customers, local authorities or industrialists.
  • Chips, raw fresh bark, bark for biological use: compost used for agriculture, horticulture or market gardening

Paper and cardboard

We supply recycled paper/cardboard to our consumers on the basis of supply contracts or one-off offers. We market the entire range of paper types as defined in the European standard EN 643. We sell quality products that are subject to rigorous sorting and self-control devices.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Every year, we sell 1.6 million tonnes of ferrous metals, compacted, crushed, copper and aluminium shot.
Copper separation table at the RecyCâbles site in Noyelles-Godault, France


We offer spare parts from the dismantling of wind turbines. If you are looking for an engine, a gearbox, a nacelle, a full or cut blade, we can meet your request.

Technology and innovation

In order to optimise our material recycling services, we are developing digital solutions across our entire value chain: customer portals, artificial intelligence, containers connected thanks to the IOT, etc. We use advanced technologies to optimise our material recycling operations. Our facilities are equipped with real-time monitoring systems, allowing for more efficient management of waste streams and a reduction in carbon footprint.

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. With the marketing of recycled raw materials, we reduce the environmental impact of our customers, we participate in the saving of natural resources. By transforming waste into new resources, we contribute to a low-carbon circular economy.

Our inspiring stories

A long-term industrial partnership with NEXANS

NEXANS is a major global player in the energy transition for a sustainable electrification of the world. For more than 15 years, we have been working collaboratively to decarbonise the cable manufacturing industry:

  • Through their joint subsidiary, Recycables, which recovers waste cables to supply Nexans with recycled copper,
  • Through our Landemont plant, which produces regenerated LDPE from agricultural and industrial films, which is integrated by Nexans into the manufacture of new cables.

We support Nexans in its objective of integrating up to 50% recycled plastics in the insulation and/or sheath and participate in its target of reducing the carbon footprint of its products by more than a third.

In 2023, we were the winner of the 2023 Nexans Supplier Awards. The trophy presentation was an opportunity to visit our R&D centre on plastic recycling: Plast'lab.

Your trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste

With a presence across the entire value chain, we are recognized for our technical expertise, commitment to sustainability, and ability to provide you with tailored solutions.

We also support you to

Recycle materials

You have waste to recycle: ferrous or non-ferrous metals, plastics, cables, paper - cardboard, wood, WEEE, wind turbines, etc. We offer industrial solutions for recycling materials.

Produce and consume renewable energies

Thanks to our waste-to-energy plants, we can supply local authorities and industrial companies in your area with renewable energy and set up local waste-to-energy loops.