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tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided through recycling in 2022

How can we reduce, recycle and recover more and more waste?

In a context of compliance with increasingly strict regulations, you need to reconcile environmental and economic performance and investigate new ways to optimise your waste management. Our experts will support you.

Tailor-made waste management consulting solutions

The term waste management generally encompasses any activity involved in the organisation of waste management from its production to its final treatment. This includes in particular the collection of bins, sorting, transport, and treatment – recovery or recycling – of waste. 

In an ambitious and constantly changing regulatory context, whether in a company, as a user of a public waste management service or as a citizen, advice and training are useful for managing waste well and protecting the environment.  

We support you every step of the way, from audit to diagnosis, design and inspection. By providing you with data as well as enhanced processes, our approach reconciles environmental performance (increase in recovered volumes), economic performance (cost control, resource optimisation) and societal performance through mechanisms to raise awareness and encourage residents.

Are you a company committed to sustainable development?

We provide you with our expertise as a waste manager through a range of consulting and support services for your employees, and we participate in the optimisation of your waste management costs while enabling your business to run smoothly.  

Our teams can also take care of the management of your waste on your site via our delegated management services.

Are you a local authority?

We set up advice, services and digital tools for users in order to reduce waste production and therefore reduce costs. We deploy proven solutions by offering you: 

  • Solutions for characterising your waste. 
  • Strategic studies to reduce the volume of waste and optimise its management. 
  • Digital solutions to help with sorting. 
  • Digital waste management solutions at the scale of your activity, your territory, your uses or your staff. 
  • Training to help you raise awareness among your users or employees about sorting gestures and better use of resources. 

Your challenges, our solutions

Local authorities

Soil remediation and rehabilitation

Asbestos removal, deconstruction, demolition and decontamination... we can help you deal with your pollution problems.

Technology and innovation

In order to optimise the management of your waste, we develop digital solutions across our entire value chain: customer portal, artificial intelligence, containers connected thanks to the IOT, etc.

We use advanced technologies to support you in your waste management. 

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. Raising awareness and consulting on waste management, reduce waste and improve recycling. Our goal is to preserve resources by transforming waste into resources and thus contribute to a low-carbon circular economy. 

A trusted partner

At SUEZ, we are the trusted partner for waste collection, recognised for our technical expertise, commitment to sustainability and ability to provide tailor-made solutions.

We are proud to support you in achieving your sustainability goals and to contribute with you to a cleaner and safer future for all. 

Our inspiring stories

Greater Montauban (France) and SUEZ reinvent waste management

Since January 1, 2022, we have been implementing the 1st Household and Similar Waste Performance Contract (CPDMA) of the Greater Montauban Agglomeration Community.  


Created and supported by French Governance Agency (ADEME), the CPDMA aims to integrate objectives of prevention, recycling and improvement of the living environment beyond waste collection alone. 

Mission: to reduce waste production and encourage eco-responsibility 

In this contract, the main objective is to reduce waste production in the territory by 10% between 2018 and 2028. 


Our answers: an eco-responsible economy model of use and not consumption 

We implement innovative and collaborative actions to promote prevention, waste reduction and reuse via: 

  • Incentive communication 
  • Bio-waste collection (specific bins) 
  • Solutions designed and implemented with partners in the social and solidarity economy of Montauban

We also support you to

Ensure collection

Whether you're a local authority, an industrial or service company, or a retailer, we can offer you a range of waste collection solutions tailored to your needs. 

Sort and process

Depending on the type of waste you have, we can offer you sorting solutions on site, or in one of our dedicated sorting centres, in order to recycle or recover your waste more effectively.