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Selective collection sorting center in Poitiers, France

Get advice on waste management

We help you to optimise the management of your waste so that it can be recycled as a resource in your territory or company. 

SUEZ employee collecting waste

Ensure collection

Whether you're a local authority, an industrial group, a service company, or a retailer, we can offer a range of waste collection solutions tailored to your needs.
 Lons-le-Saunier sorting center, France

Sort and process

Depending on the type of waste you have, we can offer sorting solutions on site, or in one of our dedicated sorting centres, in order to recycle or recover your waste more effectively.

Address the challenges you face in terms of waste management

In the light of growing environmental challenges, waste management is key in making the transition to a circular economy. This change of model requires everyone’s involvement: businesses, local authorities and users. We are taking action to address these shared challenges.

Around 13 million people benefit from our waste collection services. The error rate in sorting of collected waste arriving at our sorting centres is 20-30%.
We treat around 28 million tonnes of waste each year.

Each type of waste requires a specific collection method to ensure that it is sorted and treated appropriately with a view to recycling and recovery. Our varied collection solutions are tailored to your needs and those of users to help create a cleaner environment.

  • Door-to-door collection
  • Voluntary drop-off points
  • Specific bins
  • Municipal waste centres
  • Collection in containers

Responsible and optimised waste management

As a global partner, we endeavour to give advice, help you to take a preventive approach in order to reduce waste production, and take care of the collection, sorting and treatment of waste for recycling and recovery. Together, we can limit the volume of waste produced and make collection, sorting and treatment more efficient in order to reduce the impact of operations on the environment.

Get advice on waste management

We work with you to understand your specific needs. We guide you through the challenges involved in waste management (collection, sorting, treatment and facilities), draw up personalised strategies and come up with operational solutions that are easy to deploy and help protect the environment.

Ensure collection

We use innovative technologies and intelligent solutions to optimise collection of your waste right from the source, while respecting the environment. We guarantee efficient and responsible management tailored to each region’s needs and regulations.

Sort and process

We operate high tech sorting and treatment facilities that are able to categorise the mass purity of outgoing waste and improve waste sorting to optimise treatment, recycling and recovery. In this way, we ensure that the different qualities of materials sorted are consistent.

We can also support you in your other waste recycling and recovery challenges

Recycle and recover

As a key player in the circular economy and an expert in waste recovery, we support our customers through all stages of the value chain, including collection, sorting, recycling and recovery, as well as sale. Our ever more innovative solutions are used to convert waste into secondary materials or renewable energy.

Limit environmental impact

For more than 160 years, we have been committed to protecting people and the planet. Together we manage the entire waste value chain to control its ecological impact. Faced with growing concerns about the environment, we firmly believe that together we will achieve our shared goal of protecting the finite resources of the Earth.