Students: find out about our internship and apprenticeship opportunities

For us, it goes without saying that our responsibility as an employer is to support you as you take your first steps in the world of work and to give you training opportunities.

What better way to discover SUEZ and understand the value and importance of the essential work we do in the water and waste management sectors than to join us on an internship or apprenticeship? 

As a student or young graduate, it will be a unique opportunity for you to discover jobs that you weren’t previously aware of, share the day-to-day experiences of our committed, passionate teams, acquire skills from professionals and show your own talents and convictions.

To make progress together, we want you—the younger generation—to help us see things differently, think outside the box and continue to innovate. We believe strongly that different viewpoints are valuable, and that everyone, with their own unique qualities, can contribute to the success of the collective.

Here at SUEZ, we're offering you this human adventure!

Our certifications

For several years, our approach has been certified by independent organisations that recognise and confirm our commitment to the professional development and the well-being of young people. In 2024, we have obtained two new certifications: Happy Trainees and Engagement Jeunes.

Tempted and ready to meet the challenge of improving our environment?

How to apply

The way you select an opportunity and prepare for your interview is the same as for a job, so don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your qualities at this initial stage.

If we like your application, our HR department and your future mentor will contact you quickly to ask you why you want to work for us and about your skills, and they will invite you to an interview, before sending the agreement between you, us and your educational establishment.

Next, we will start your onboarding process, which is a very important stage for us!

Our HR department and your mentor will welcome you and guide you as you take your first steps with SUEZ.
Your mentor will establish your priorities and schedules and will set up follow-up meetings to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
Joining SUEZ as an apprentice or intern also means joining a community in which you can interact with others in dedicated digital spaces.
Social and after-work events may take place at your site, but we’ll leave that up to you: Your predecessors didn't wait for you!

Young graduates: get your first job at SUEZ

At SUEZ, our employees are our number one resource. We believe that young graduates can bring a lot to our company through their academic background, which means they are aware of current issues, and by looking at things with a fresh perspective. We are keen to welcome young graduates to our teams.

At SUEZ, our employees are the resource we put first. If you join us, you will be doing meaningful work. By working alongside our experts, or through our many development programmes (training, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, etc.) you will develop your skills and get your career off to a good start.

Allow yourself to flourish in an environmental line of work: project engineer, sales representative, maintenance technician, operations manager, network technician... When it comes to jobs dealing with water, air quality, waste treatment and recycling, the possibilities are endless!

Young talent: find out about our Graduate Programmes

Explore our Graduate Managers and Graduate Experts programmes, designed for talented young people who are passionate about the environment. These two programmes share the same aim: boosting the career and maximising the potential of each graduate.

Since 2014, the Graduate Programmes have offered young graduates a unique and enriching experience over two years. Our Graduate Managers and Graduate Experts programmes, while distinct, are both geared towards helping graduates achieve excellence and boost their careers.

Graduates who complete the two years are guaranteed a permanent job and personalised support. During the programmes, various initiatives allow graduates to:

  • discover the Group,
  • developing their professional networks,
  • acquire a wide variety of skills.

Those who take up the opportunity embark on an enriching professional adventure and play a key role in shaping SUEZ’s future. Joining the Graduate Programmes means being part of the new generation of committed leaders!

Apply for an international voluntary work placement

Do you want to work on major projects outside France by doing international voluntary work?

Are you a European Union citizen and do you want to start your professional career by working abroad?

Each year, around 40 young graduates eligible for technical, engineering and support roles (finance, business development, sustainability, sales, human resources, etc.) undertake an international voluntary work placement at one of our subsidiaries.

These placements can last from 6 to 24 months, and are available in many countries around the world.