A world market leader in water and waste management

With operations in 40 countries and 40,000 employees, we also enable our customers – whether local authorities or industrial groups – to create value over the entire lifecycle of their assets and services, and to drive their ecological transition, together with their end-users.

SUEZ uses its day-to-day resources to support the uses of tomorrow


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40 000






revenues in 2023



people provided with drinking water worldwide

More than 


million people benefiting from our sanitation services



of energy generated from waste and wastewater

Our expertise in building infrastructures

Covering the entire water and waste value chain, we offer unparalleled expertise in developing infrastructure projects.

We design, build and operate water treatment and waste recycling and recovery facilities for our customers, drawing on our world-renowned technical know-how, methods and degremont® treatment processes.
Wastewater treatment plant of Strasbourg, France

More than 


water and waste treatment plants in France and worldwide

More than 


people supplied by plants we have built

Market leader in digital solutions for the environment

We harness the potential offered by digital technologies and artificial intelligence to help our customers reduce their environmental impact and offer more effective water and waste services.

Using data and artificial intelligence are key ways of stepping up the environmental transition in local regions, including anticipating flood risk through modelling, improving the performance of water networks and waste collection services, detecting leaks and optimising water consumption, planning investment in updating infrastructure and reducing energy consumption.

For over 10 years, we have helped our customers to optimise their water and waste services by means of gathering and using data, designing and developing monitoring platforms, and implementing innovative digital applications.

Yuelai sponge city platform control room in Chongqing, China

More than 


million smart water meters worldwide

More than 


customer benefit from our smart water systems worldwide

More than 


connected objects for intelligent waste management

More than 


billion citizens benefit from our digital services for waste recycling and recovery 

We innovate to address the challenges relating to water and waste

The challenges relating to water and waste are becoming increasingly pressing. To respond to this and better anticipate the needs of our customers and partners, we are stepping up our innovation in ways of protecting the environment.

The environmental services industry is at a turning point in its development. Climate change, the scarcity of resources, the energy crisis and the return of inflation require new solutions:

  • faced with the risk of shortages, we need to prevent wastage and explore new ways of producing drinking water 
  • faced with the scarcity of resources, we need to get the full value out of waste and pave the way for new materials loops 
  • faced with climate change, we need to develop new, low-carbon energy solutions and services in order to give everyone access to renewable energy 
  • faced with new forms of pollution, we need to explore new drinking water treatment processes.

With 1,100 experts around the world, close to 1,700 patents, 10 research centres and excellence and an innovation drive at all levels of the company, we are committed to speeding up the major transitions by capitalising on our strengths.

SUEZ employees on the BIORESOURCElab, international research and innovation center dedicated to the recovery of organic waste - France



More than 


areas of expertise





research centres of excellence

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