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Save natural resources and develop reuse 

Although there is no international agreement on a definition of the circular economy, the United Nations Environment Assembly provides a description of the basic principles. The circular economy is a sustainable business model, in which products and materials are designed in such a way that they can be reused, remanufactured, recycled or recovered and therefore kept in the economy for as long as possible. We sometimes refer to it as a cradle-to-cradle approach. 

Circular economy solutions 

We work on different pillars of the circular economy: 

  • Sustainable sourcing: We market recycled raw materials that can be integrated into your value chain and limit the use of natural resources. 
  • Eco-design: thanks to our perfect knowledge of waste management and recycling channels, we can support you in the eco-design of your products and change your business to a climate-friendly activity. 
  • Industrial and territorial ecology: as a regional player, we work with local players to develop short and local circuits, lowering the emissions of the systems. 
  • The extension of the life of use by setting up resource centres so that the objects that some want to get rid of find a new life in others. 
  • Recycling, transforming waste into resources, is at the heart of our activities.  


As part of your ecological transition, whether you are a local authority or a company, we offer innovative solutions allowing you to integrate the circular economy according to your expectations. 

In addition to our traditional activities of recycling your waste into resources, we develop solutions for: 

  • User waste: we participate in the design and deployment of resource centres in partnership with local SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) actors. We can support you in reducing waste. 
  • Building waste: we have developed a digital and innovative solution for renovation and selective deconstruction for the circular economy 


We can participate in the evaluation and eco-design of your products or services, to increase sustainability and limit material loss. Trough our actions and reports, you can implement a global strategy that will reduce emissions and limit the impact on climate.

Technology and innovation 

All our digital solutions are at the service of the circular economy. To optimise our services, we develop digital solutions across our entire value chain: customer portals, artificial intelligence, containers connected thanks to the IOT, etc.

All of our digital solutions are put at the service of the circular economy. Traceability is an issue that is growing with the transformation of waste into new resources. In France, we have developed the CircularChain traceability platform to guarantee the transparency of waste flows from end to end: collection, analysis, sorting, recycling, etc. Already used for users' recyclable waste and the transformation of wastewater treatment plant sludge, many other use cases are under way.  

Commitment to sustainability 

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of waste collection, by promoting sorting at source, energy recovery and recycling.

By transforming waste into added resources, we contribute to a low-carbon circular economy. 

Our inspiring stories

The Renew Hub: Delivering re-use on an industrial scale 

In partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and nine local authorities in Greater Manchester, the Renew Hub, along with three Renew shops, opened in 2021. At more than 5000m², the award-winning Renew Hub is the UK’s largest re-use operation, delivering re-use on an industrial scale. 

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With a presence across the entire value chain, we are recognized for our technical expertise, commitment to sustainability, and ability to provide you with tailored solutions. 

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We are convinced that helping you engage your employees or users in the development of more sustainable lifestyles is an essential step in preserving the environment. 

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All of our collection, sorting, reuse, recycling and recovery solutions contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your household and industrial waste. And we go further.