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Efficient water treatment plants

The operation and maintenance of drinking water and wastewater plants is at the very heart of our business. 
Our teams ensure the reliability of treatments and the continuity of service of your plants. When we do not directly manage the stations, we can provide you with adequate options aimed at optimising the management and maintenance of your installations.

Operation of drinking water production plants

Many communities entrust us with the operation of their drinking water production plants. From tanks to networks, we guarantee that the facilities are in good working order in accordance with the required quality standards. We ensure the longevity of factories through robust maintenance plans and digital tools for optimal facility management.

Municipal wastewater plant operations

We operate municipal wastewater treatment plants on behalf of local authorities. We optimise the management and maintenance of plants, from sewage to sludge. The use of our expert digital solutions ensures optimal performance at the best cost in the long term. 
Conscious of the environment, our teams look after the quality of the water released in nature, by monitoring sludge quality and constantly choosing the best options guaranteeing efficient treatments.

Operation of industrial wastewater plants

We operate wastewater treatment plants for industrials, under delegated management, on site. Our specialists in water and industrial effluent treatment optimise the management and maintenance of plants to offer optimal performance at the best cost. 

Our solutions to optimise plant operation and maintenance

To optimise the management of factories, we have developed expert digital solutions that we make available to you. AQUADVANCED® Plant allows you to optimise the day-to-day management of your plants, while AssetAdvanced™ is a decision-making platform that helps you make the fairest investment choices. To take it a step further, we can offer a digital twin model to use all the data and models related to the operation of your plant. Through all our systems, our goal remain to comply with your need while also being cost-effective.

Your challenges, our solutions

Local authorities

Aquadvanced® Plant

Monitor the performance of your water and wastewater plants in real time, 360°, with Aquadvanced® Plant
Clarifier and scrapper bridge of bottom sludges, at Papeteries du Léman site

Manage your industrial water supply responsibly

We have developed and operate technologies to ensure the performance of your industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Our inspiring stories

Managing water and sanitation services in Adelaide, Australia

South Australia Water (SA Water), the Australian state's public water utility, renewed its trust in us in 2021, with an alliance contract, a public-private partnership for water production and wastewater services in the metropolis of Adelaide, the fifth-largest city in the country. 

This 5-year contract includes the operation of five drinking water production plants and five wastewater treatment plants to meet the needs of one million inhabitants.

In order to contribute to the local industry participation plan aimed at creating tangible economic and socio-economic opportunities for the metropolis, such as an ambitious business improvement program to achieve sustainable savings, we offer smart solutions developed by us – including the AQUADVANCED® suite, an innovative digital tool dedicated to ensuring quality drinking water and improving the overall performance of wastewater systems. Production and distribution networks, while helping to reduce the ecological impact on the environment.

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Your trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste

With a presence across the entire value chain, we are recognised for our technical expertise, commitment to sustainability, and ability to provide you with tailored solutions.

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Improve water network performance

Our digital solutions are proving to be valuable allies in optimizing the performance of your water networks and managing resources more efficiently.

Reduce the impact of wastewater

We offer innovative solutions to optimise drinking and wastewater treatment, preserve water quality and manage flood risks.