Working at SUEZ means protecting and restoring essential environmental resources: water, land, and air. It also means inventing the business lines of the future, opening up to the wealth of cooperation, adding dynamism to your career, and pursuing your professional and personal development. Embark on a flourishing career and help us shape a sustainable world, starting now.
Why choose us?

5 reasons to join us

By joining SUEZ, you will be taking real action to ensure access to essential services: providing clean water and preserving that shared resource, as well as recovering wastewater and waste to transform them into new resources.

Innovate on a daily basis within committed teams and forge a meaningful career!

Technician, engineer, sales representative, expert... Whatever your role, go for professional and personal development.

Working at SUEZ
We are meeting our commitments made at COP25!
Reduction of CO2 emissions, fight against water pollution...
We preserve the natural elements essential to the quality of life
We are working for a cleaner and more responsible earth
Air purification, green energy production, waste treatment...
We protect biodiversity from threats caused by human activities
Preservation of aquatic environments thanks to our "dragonfly zones" acting on micropollutants