Our executive committee

Under the responsibility of Sabrina Soussan, Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ, the Executive Committee steers the implementation of the Group's strategic objectives defined by the Board of Directors.

Sabrina Soussan

Chairman and CEO of SUEZ
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Pierre Pauliac

Chief Operating Officer Water, Executive Vice-President
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Yves Rannou

Chief Operating Officer Recycling & Recovery, Executive Vice-President
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Jörg Linsenmaier

Executive Vice-President Engineering & Construction
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Kathleen Wantz-O'Rourke

Group Chief Financial Officer
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Laurent-Guillaume Guerra

Chief HR Officer & Head of Health & Safety, Executive Vice-President
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Frederick Jeske-Schoenhoven

Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer, Executive Vice-President
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Anne Sophie Le Lay

Group General Counsel, Executive Vice-President
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Our board of directors

Chaired by Sabrina Soussan, the Board of Directors sets the Group's strategic direction and oversees its implementation.

  • Sabrina Soussan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ
  • Deepak Agrawal, Director
  • Sarah Bouquerel, Director
  • Jeremy Chauveau, Director representing employees
  • Thierry Déau, Director
  • Sinan Durmaz, Director
  • Xavier Girre, Director
  • Judith Hartmann, Director
  • Kenji Hashimoto, Director
  • Antoine Kerrenneur, Director
  • Christophe Le Roy, Director representing employee shareholders
  • Antoine Lissowski, Director
  • Antoine Saintoyant, Director
  • Marie Anne Sparks, Director representing employees

Our shareholders

SUEZ is owned by a consortium of strong and reputable shareholders, committed to supporting an ambitious strategy aimed at making the Group an agile and innovative world leader in environmental services.

SUEZ is owned by a consortium of strong and reputable shareholders, determined to support an ambitious strategy to lead the Group to be a world-class, agile and innovative leader in environmental services.

SUEZ shareholding
* Equity stake held in SUEZ via SUEZ Holding