Our water management priorities to address the challenges relating to the environment

For more than 160 years, we have worked daily to improve the positive impact of our water operations. In the light of growing worldwide population and the scarcity of water resources, it is more important than ever to take action to protect our water. 

We help our customers to provide access to essential water services such as producing drinking water and wastewater treatment, in order to guarantee access to sufficient and high quality water everywhere we operate. We devise innovative ways of protecting water resources, offering alternative solutions such as reusing treated wastewater, seawater desalination and energy recovery. At SUEZ, we firmly believe that our everyday efforts, focusing on our 5 priorities in terms of managing the water cycle will drive the energy transition.


More modern water treatment facilities

Upgrade existing facilities by developing more sustainable solutions in order to improve our water treatment infrastructure.

- Each day, we treat domestic wastewater from around 36 million people worldwide.

- We have 50 wastewater reuse projects currently under review in France. 


Investing in seawater desalination

Converting seawater into drinking water is an alternative solution to increase water supply capacity in water-stressed regions.

We have over 50 years’ experience and have built more than 260 desalination plants around the world. 


Improving water infrastructure

Optimise water management systems by upgrading them: by repairing and replacing obsolete networks, and using digital solutions to increase yields and infrastructures’ ability to adapt.

The equivalent of 8,474 Olympic-size swimming pools of water was saved in 2023 thanks to our leak detection solutions. 


Low-carbon use of water in industry

Develop more sustainable and efficient water management solutions to reduce industry’s carbon footprint.

In Pau-Lescar, the project to convert wastewater into biomethane will enable people living in Pau Béarn Pyrénées to have access to green, low-carbon energy. 


Energy production

Converting sewage sludge from wastewater treated by means of methanisation into energy to supply our customers and users.

- We generate 7.7 terawatt hours of energy each year worldwide.

- In Europe, we supply electricity to more than 1.5 million people.

- In Nice, we are building an “energy positive” treatment plant, which will generate four times more energy than it currently uses.

Optimise the water life cycle

As a trusted partner for circular solutions, we draw on our in-depth knowledge of the water life cycle to provide you with operational and deployable solutions. These solutions aim to guarantee that water of sufficient quality and in sufficient quantities is available, optimise use of water and promote sustainable practices. 

SUEZ water value chain

We support you in your major challenges

Have water in quality & quantity

Access to drinking water is crucial for the global population. In France, drinking water is one of the most tightly controlled products for human consumption, with over 27 million analyses in 2023.

We help to design drinking water production plants, right through to operation and maintenance. Infrastructures are designed according to the quality of available raw water and the required quality of drinking water. We offer cutting-edge solutions to produce very high quality water, for example by removing micropollutants or reducing the amount of lime.

We advise you on managing water resources to allow for sustainable and environmentally consumption by analysing your needs, assessing the impacts and coming up with solutions to protect water and aquatic systems.

With the scarcity of water resources, the priority is ensuring that it used wisely and sparingly. Traditional freshwater resources such as groundwater and surface water are being depleted, and we can help you find alternative resources such as reusing treated wastewater, rainwater and seawater, particularly for uses that do not require drinking water. 

Optimise water resources

Faced with the challenge of protecting water resources, we come up with innovative digital solutions to detect leaks, predict breakages and optimise maintenance and upgrading works. Improving the performance of water supply systems to reduce water loss is a key concern for local regions.

Our teams also take care of the operation and maintenance of drinking water production and wastewater treatment plants, ensuring optimised management and guaranteeing continuity of service.

We develop efficient solutions for treating domestic and industrial wastewater, encouraging reuse and reducing the impact on the environment.

We take action on a daily basis to protect public health, water resources and the environment. 

Develop sustainable practices

Our priority is to guarantee the continuity of essential services and organise them to be prepared for and manage crises. With the increase in episodes of drought, we model the status of water resources to anticipate periods of shortage in order to maintain a constant and reliable water supply. When there is a warning, users are required to take appropriate preventive measures and limit their use.

Our digital solutions enable city councils and private and public sector companies to understand their water and energy consumption in order to manage it. The aim of these solutions is to help them to develop cautious practices and make their facilities more energy efficient.

We are also working on innovations to convert sewage sludge into local, renewable energy, helping communities with their ecological transition. 

Innovation to adapt the water industry

We firmly believe that innovation is an essential way of making progress and standing out, and have doubled our investment to support sector transformation. 

We benefit from first-rate teams and facilities in France and worldwide, supporting our ability to innovate.   

Thanks to the know-how of our 1,100 experts, our 1,700 patents and our 10 research centres, we take an active approach to research and development in areas such as alternative resources, removal of emerging contaminants (such as PFAS) and sludge treatment. 

Our engineering and construction expertise means we are able to design new infrastructures and plants with lower greenhouse gas emissions, generating more resources for local regions. 
We use robotics and artificial intelligence to devise new solutions for all stages of the water cycle, primarily to prevent leaks and, for example, increase yields from drinking water supply systems. 
With partners such as Subeca, we have adopted an open innovation approach, working together to come up with solutions for our customers. 
Finally, we work with our Le Lyre research and development centre, sociologists and behavioural economics experts and support behavioural innovation to encourage more responsible water consumption. 

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