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Did you know that most waste can be recycled and integrated into a new production cycle? Whether you are a company, small or large, or a community, we offer you the right recycling solutions for your simple or complex materials, from plastic bottles to wind turbines. 

Tailor-made material recycling solutions 

For more than 15 years, we have developed technical and industrial know-how in the recycling of materials. 


Our experts will be able to offer you sorting, collection and recycling solutions dedicated to your materials and effectively meeting your requirements with: 

  • An industrial recycling solution that promotes the circular economy and the preservation of resources adapted to the material to be recycled or treated (in terms of quality, quantity, safety). 
  • The guarantee of the best recycling solution with full traceability. 


On a multitude of subjects:  


We recycle all types of plastics, whether they come from household waste or selective collection, waste collection centres, mass distribution, industrial waste from all sectors of activity. Plastic waste recycling has seen great technological leaps, allowing plastic to enter the circular economy by producing high-quality recycled secondary raw materials. Plastic packaging waste is recycled into packaging, plastic pipes are recycled into pipes.

We have been mechanically recycling plastic waste for more than 15 years. We are also developing projects for the chemical recycling of plastic waste.  


Composed of food residues, branches, leaves, paper and cardboard, biowaste is biodegradable waste generated by many players in your area: residents, large and medium-sized supermarkets, restaurants, and the agri-food industry.

We offer bio-waste recycling solutions by composting or mechanical-biological treatment (TMB) which makes it possible to isolate the fermentable part of the waste. 

Wood and pallets

We have a wide range of solutions for recycling and recovery of wood waste and by-products:

  • Material recovery to manufacture new products: partitions, furniture panels, frameworks, etc.
  • Energy recovery, to supply the biomass boilers of customers, local authorities or industrialists.
  • Biological recovery to produce compost used for agriculture, horticulture or market gardening.

Paper and cardboard

We can meet all your specific needs: paper / cardboard from selective collection, but also simple or complex paper and cardboard from waste or industrial by-products.


We supply cardboard and paper manufacturers for the manufacture of multiple types of products: paper pulp for newspapers, publishing, office automation, etc.


We have developed an industrial solution for the recovery of cardboard recycling residues, a material that was previously landfilled. This new shredding line, unique in France, makes it possible to recycle and recover the materials of the strands, i.e. the wires, plastics and tape that surround the recycled cardboard bales. 

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals 

Your waste will be analysed (copper, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.), then separated and transformed (compacted, cut, sheared or crushed) in order to supply steel mills, refineries and foundries as a substitute for raw materials. 

Mixed metals and/or plastics 

You have complex products made up of metals and plastics to separate. We have high-performance industrial tools that allow us to separate metals from each other, plastics from each other and metals and plastics for recycling. 


Whether they are electrical or telecom, from demolition or cable scraps, made from copper or aluminium, we recycle all categories of cables, from the simplest to the most complex. Our cutting-edge technologies, combine successive sorting, cutting and grinding processes, to guarantee the reincorporation of metals into new cables.  

WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) 

WEEE contains components that can be hazardous to the environment, such as batteries, refrigerants, and metals and plastics.

We have a recycling site for large cold household appliances (refrigerators, freezers), small mixed appliances (toasters, microwaves, hair dryers, etc.), and small office appliances (keyboards, cables, computers, etc.) to ensure that materials are recycled in accordance with WEEE regulations. 

Electric vehicle batteries 

We are working on the recycling of low-carbon technologies. With our partner Eramet, we are going to develop an industrial recycling sector in Europe, ranging from the collection of used batteries and gigafactory waste, to the production of materials suitable for the manufacture of new batteries. The project responds to the challenges of the energy transition and securing the supplies of metals needed to manufacture electric batteries in Europe and participates in the circular economy. 


We dismantle your wind farms at the end of their life. We take care of everything in order to make a site clean and recycle the dismantled materials. With professional and recognised partners, from the organisation of the different stages of lifting and dismantling the blades, the basket and then the ground, the sorting of the various materials before shipment to the recovery channels to the demolition of the foundations. 

Technology and innovation 

In order to optimise our collection and recycling services for your products and transform them into usable materials, we are developing digital solutions across our entire value chain: customer portal, artificial intelligence, containers connected thanks to the IOT, etc. 
We use advanced technologies to optimise our material recycling operations. Our facilities are equipped with real-time monitoring systems, allowing for more efficient management of waste streams and a reduction in carbon footprint. 

Commitment to sustainability 

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of waste collection by promoting source separation, energy recovery and recycling. By transforming waste into new resources, we contribute to a low-carbon circular economy. 

Your trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste

With a presence across the entire value chain, we are recognised for our technical expertise, commitment to sustainability, and ability to provide you with tailored solutions. 

Our inspiring stories

Deconstruction of 5 wind turbines at the Engie Green wind farm in Port-la-Nouvelle (France) 

We were asked by Engie Green, among other partners, to dismantle and recover 5 wind turbines with the aim of recovering 97% of them and providing a material balance for each of them. 

On this wind turbine dismantling site, we were involved in the sorting and material and energy recovery process. Each piece, after being dismantled, was sorted with the aim of maximising this sorting to optimise their recovery and recycling.
​The recycling/recovery balance of these products reaches 99% recovery, 98% of which is recycled.  

We also support you to

Transform waste into resources

We provide you with high-quality recycled materials: plastics, ferrous metals, aluminium, copper, wood, paper, cardboard and compost.

Produce and consume renewable energies

Thanks to energy recovery facilities, we supply local authorities and manufacturers in your area with renewable energy and set up local recovery loops.