More than


billion people lack safe sanitation
Source: UNICEF 2023

More than

80 %

of the world's wastewater and more than 95% in some least developed countries is discharged into the environment without prior treatment, resulting in significant pollution
Source : ONU 2019

Innovative and responsible solutions to optimise domestic and industrial wastewater treatment

The increase in the world population, urbanisation, new modes of production and consumption are generating increasing volumes of wastewater, a real challenge for the health of populations, but also for the environment. This wastewater, if it is untreated or poorly treated, has a direct impact on the natural environment where it is discharged and generates pollution that is harmful to biodiversity and the quality of water resources. 
Connecting homes to wastewater treatment systems significantly reduces the environmental impact by ensuring effective treatment of effluent before it is discharged, to limit the spread of bacteria. The responsible management of these growing volumes of wastewater is a major challenge for all stakeholders in France and around the world (local authorities, operators, etc.).  

We have developed effective solutions to treat domestic and industrial wastewater by promoting its reuse, and reducing its impact on the environment, and thus act to preserve public health, water resources and our environment. 

Population growth and urbanisation are increasing the volumes of wastewater, posing risks to public health and the environment. Poorly or untreated wastewater pollutes ecosystems and degrades the quality of water resources. 

We have developed AQUADVANCED®, a range of digital solutions to optimise the management of water resources

By combining cutting-edge technologies and our historical expertise as an operator, we have designed 2 solutions dedicated to the management, treatment and control of wastewater from wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to the continuous and real-time collection and analysis of data during all stages of treatment, you benefit from a global view of the performance of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment networks and plants, and effective decision support to optimise their management.

Beijing Huaifang Reclaimed Water Plant - Sewage treatment plant, China

To reduce the impact of your wastewater on the environment, we also offer green solutions. 

The Environmental Code imposes strict regulations to control the impact of wastewater treatment from the sewerage network on the environment.

The advanced treatment processes used in our wastewater treatment plants, connected to the sanitation system, make it possible to treat wastewater efficiently by limiting any pollution with regular monitoring of the facilities. It is essential to ensure a high quality of water purification and effective removal of pathogenic bacteria. The settling steps at the beginning of the wastewater treatment process play a crucial role in reducing its impact on the environment by effectively separating solids from liquids. 

We recycle organic waste from sludge from wastewater treatment plants. This sludge is organic matter rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. We transform them into energy or organic soil improvers that enrich the soil, in order to reduce the impact of wastewater treatment on the environment and promote the circular economy. 

Green infrastructure such as green roofs, artificial wetlands and vegetated valleys for stormwater management are natural solutions that help reduce flood risk, improve water quality and promote biodiversity. 

We are developing a rainwater collection and treatment system for reuse in non-potable uses such as irrigating green spaces, washing vehicles and filling ponds. For example, the Agde golf course saves 200,000 m³ of drinking water each year by reusing treated water for 75% of its irrigation. This reduces the demand for drinking water and conserves water resources.

To ensure the public service mission of domestic and industrial wastewater management, we also support local authorities, urban planners and infrastructure managers with awareness-raising and training programs on good practices in the management of rainwater networks. These initiatives aim to promote an integrated and sustainable approach to stormwater management, while preserving the environment.

Thanks to our expertise, we support you on a daily basis, providing solutions that reduce the impact of wastewater on the environment and contribute to building a sustainable future through innovative and responsible solutions. With a clear vision and concrete actions, we position ourselves as a partner of choice for current and future environmental challenges.

Your challenges, our solutions

Local authorities

Aquadvanced® Urban drainage 

Optimise your wastewater and rainwater network with Aquadvanced® Urban drainage. Reduce overflow and prevent flooding. 
covid city watch 2
Local authorities

Wastewater analysis

Multivirus City Watch: an innovative tool to help detect and monitor epidemics with samples taken at the entrance of wastewater treatment plants 
Wastewater treatment plant
Local authorities

Efficiency of treatment systems 

Advanced water treatment technologies to ensure efficient and reliable wastewater treatment 

Our inspiring stories

In Saint-Etienne (France) an innovative system for flood prevention 

Saint-Étienne is a hilly town crossed by many streams and rivers. During certain storms, the level of the Furan can rise in 5 to 10 minutes by 1 meter, or even 1.50 meters, and fall very quickly. The Metropolis therefore wanted to set up a system to anticipate and limit the phenomena of large rainwater spills and flooding in unstable weather in urban areas. The objective was to control the consequences of rainfall events: for the lowest possible impact on the natural environment and populations by transferring as much pollution as possible to the treatment plant. 

With the AQUADVANCED® Urban drainage expert system, the management of the Metropolis' wastewater network has been modernised and digitised to direct as much pollution and bacteria as possible to the wastewater treatment plant. Weather data is regularly transmitted by numerous sensors installed on the network. Coupled with information related to the wastewater network, their modeling then allows the operations teams to interpret the results, develop and adapt strategies for implementation in the field. All our skills were mobilised to make this project a success: computer science and computer graphics, but also business know-how around the digital modeling of the sanitation system and the rainwater system. 

The effectiveness of the system was noted in June 2015 during a very significant rainfall event: 25 mm of water fell on the town of St Etienne in less than an hour. Thanks to this system, the event could be anticipated, rainwater was sent as much as possible to the treatment plant in order to relieve a rainwater collector in the district. This district has thus escaped the flooding it had already suffered previously, before the installation of this facility. 



of continuously analyzed data



continuous monitoring of the water levels of the network 



Remotely supervised motorised 

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