Our sustainable development commitments

Faced with climate change, the erosion of natural resources and biodiversity, and increasing pressure on water resources, we want to strengthen and amplify the natural contribution of our businesses to sustainable development. This is the purpose of our Sustainable Development Roadmap 2023-2027, which sets out the same ambitious goals in the fight against climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and social responsibility.



Climate - Nature - Social
in our 2023-2027 roadmap
62 %
of our revenue was taxonomy-eligible in 2023

Our innovations for circular water and waste solutions

The environmental services sector is at a turning point in its development. Climate change, dwindling resources, declining biodiversity and the energy transition all call for new solutions. At SUEZ, we are committed to innovation that provides concrete solutions to your current and future challenges in water and waste management.


budget devoted to R&D and innovation by 2027

More than 

R&I projects in progress within the group

1 100


We put the passion and commitment of our team at your service around the world to enable you to

  • 01
    Providing access to water and waste services through resilient and innovative solutions
  • 02
    Create value throughout the lifecycle of your infrastructure and services
  • 03
    Driving the ecological transition by involving your users