Since 1980’s SUEZ in Denmark is marking its presence on the market as the leader of water technologies and solutions. During more than 40 years of activity in Scandinavian and Baltic regions, SUEZ has more than 30 completed projects within water business in Denmark alone.

Our solutions

Phosphorus recovery via struvite precipitation

Phosphorus is a limited resource and at the same time as it is essential to human life and food production (agriculture). Therefore, the recovery of Phosphorus from sewage sludge has a strong focus globally.

Tertiary phosphorus removal

As Phosphorus discharged into receiving water bodies can cause eutrophication, the discharge consents for phosphorus has been in focus and strengthened in many regions in the Nordics.

Stormwater phosphorus removal

In the recent years climate changes have caused an increasing frequency of heavy rain events leading to overloading of wastewater treatment plants which result in discharge of untreated wastewater, also called combined sewer overflows.

Micropollutants removal

Micropollutants are found in very low concentration, by the micro or nanogram per liter, are emerging problem in water industry and the protection of aquatic environment.

Sludge treatment via sludge carbonization

Sludge from wastewater treatment plants is today either disposed and used in agriculture as a fertilizer or sent for further external treatment prior to deposition. However, the sludge contains valuable resources that can be recovered through advanced technologies.

Improved capacity of conventional activated sludge plants

Many existing wastewater treatment plants are challenged with lack of both hydraulic and biological capacity especially during the cold, and rainy winter months.


Desalination is process of removing salt and other minerals from seawater in order to make it drinkable. This technology is used in areas with limited access to fresh water and can provide a reliable source of clean water

Drinking water softening

In some regions of Denmark and Sweden, the hardness levels of drinking water are very high. Softening technologies can be implemented in the drinking water treatment plants to ensure removal of calcium and magnesium and thus softening of the water.

Produced water treatment for industrial wastewater

Produced Water from offshore oil & gas production facilities contains a range of substances from the production that can be harmful to environment and therefore optimal and efficient treatment is required prior to discharge to receiving water bodies.