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Customised solutions for sorting and treating your waste

For each of your needs, we have the tailor-made solution. We provide you with turnkey solutions to organise sorting on your site and treat waste specific to your activity. 

Tailor-made waste sorting and treatment solutions 

A lot of countries are currently promoting regulations to increase the share of waste being recycled while setting also ambitious targets on waste prevention and reduction, sometimes even deploying incentive pricing for public waste services. 

In the overall management of resources, collection and sorting are the essential steps to ensure the recycling of materials or the recovery of your waste into energy. 

Sorting can be carried out directly at your facilities or in our treatment centres dedicated to household packaging or production-related industrial waste after mixed collection. It can use very simple methods or highly mechanized processes that can use technologies such as near-infrared optical sorting. 

The treatment we offer will be carried out according to the hierarchy pyramid of waste recovery: 

  • Maximising material recycling 
  • Energy recovery 
  • Storage in environmentally friendly facilities with biogas recovery and leachate management. 


We work closely with you, to develop customised waste sorting and treatment solutions. Whether for regular waste management services or for specific needs related to events or projects, we adapt our services to effectively meet your requirements by offering you: 

  • A sorting and treatment solution adapted to the material to be recycled or treated (in terms of quality, quantity, safety) 
  • The guarantee of the best sorting and processing solution with full traceability. We favour the recycling of materials before their energy recovery when recycling is not possible. 

Your challenges, our solutions

Hazardous waste management

Hazardous waste

Discover our tailor-made solutions for managing your hazardous waste through recovery, incineration and storage.

Technology and innovation 

In order to optimise our waste sorting and treatment services, we are developing digital solutions across our entire value chain: customer portal, artificial intelligence, containers connected thanks to the IOT, etc.

We use advanced technologies to optimise our waste sorting and treatment operations. Our facilities are equiped with real-time monitoring systems, allowing for more efficient management of waste streams and a reduction in carbon footprint.

We also use artificial intelligence to sort. Our smart camera estimates the quality of the waste collection on the sorting table in real time, to obtain the purest possible material for recycling.  

Commitment to sustainability 

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of waste collection by promoting source separation, energy recovery and recycling. By transforming waste into new resources, we contribute to a low-carbon circular economy.  

Our inspiring stories

Airbus: an XXL generation Z waste yard! 

In order to meet the ramp-up in its aeronautical production rates, we have co-built a 7,500 m2 industrial waste facility with AIRBUS, at its Bouguenais site near Nantes (France). The sharing of investments and expertise between our teams and those of AIRBUS has enabled the design of state-of-the-art facilities. This new PADI is a successful solution in terms of compliance and economic, regulatory and environmental performance: 96% of the waste generated by the site is now recycled.

In constant contact with the AIRBUS teams, we work with a view to continuously improving the economic performance of global waste management, to further strengthen the exemplary nature of this service while respecting the environment. 

Industrial park Airbus

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