The SUEZ Foundation, the Group’s commitment to helping others

Delphine SABY – Conseillère Exécutive auprès de la Présidente - Directrice Générale Vice-Presidente de la Fondation SUEZ
The SUEZ Foundation supports access to essential services in developing countries where SUEZ operates, while meeting the challenges of a fair ecological transition and social inclusion in France.
Delphine Saby , Global Head of Procurement, Senior Vice-President SUEZ Foundation


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The SUEZ Foundation publishes its 2023 annual report

2023 Report - Fondation SUEZ


Our areas of action and project support

We support concrete projects in emerging and developing countries where SUEZ operates to help disadvantaged communities access essential services such as water, sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness on a lasting basis.

In France, we support projects in favour of the just environmental transition, including social inclusion.

In 2024, we launched two new forms of support as a new way of responding to environmental and social issues. We support projects identified in response to regional problems and issues, as well as national projects. Our efforts contribute to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

A collaborative and engaged governance model

Chaired by the Group’s Chair and Chief Executive Officer Sabrina Soussan, our Board of Directors defines the Group’s strategy, determines its budget and sets its business timetable. It decides which projects to support from those preselected by the prequalification committee and assessors, or within the framework of providing support outside the scope of calls for projects.

Our Board is composed of 11 members, representatives of SUEZ and qualified personalities. 

The Fondation community: 300 employees involved in assessing and monitoring projects
We make a long-term commitment to charities and NGOs
We encourage a joint development approach

Following every project with our partners and stakeholders

Developing access to water and sanitation in three main ways

  • Supporting NGOs and charities, working as closely as possible with local communities
  • Supporting Aquassistance, the NGO run by SUEZ employees
  • Supporting the “SUEZ-Eau pour Tous” (“SUEZ Water for All”) Chair at AgroParisTech to pass on knowledge and skills.

Encouraging a just environmental transition and social inclusion

  • Additional support for a charity over several years
  • Supporting charities that meet identified local needs

Our main partners

SUEZ employees there to help

A comprehensive system to enable employees in France to get involved

In 2023, in mainland France and the overseas territories, a major drive was launched at SUEZ to foster employee engagement. Employees signed up to an Engagement Charter, giving them the opportunity

  • to volunteer (for an unlimited amount of time outside their working hours) via the “Vendredi” platform,
  • as well as being able to dedicate two working days per year per employee to charitable causes,
  • or to make a gentle transition to retirement over several months.

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