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Efficiency target of a water network thanks to our solutions

Improve the performance of water networks thanks to our digital solutions

Improving the performance of water networks is a major objective of local authorities. To detect leaks, predict breakage and optimise network maintenance and renewal work, our digital solutions pave the way for high-performance solutions.

The cutting-edge technologies such as smart sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) we have developed are revolutionising the monitoring and management of water networks. Sensors positioned on the pipelines allow for real-time data collection, providing unprecedented visibility into the operation of the network. Our information systems analyse this big data to detect leaks, predict breakage and optimise pressure, helping to reduce degradation and improve the efficiency of distribution systems.

At the same time, advanced hydraulic modelling techniques can simulate the behaviour of water systems under various scenarios, facilitating strategic planning and informed decision-making by communities. These predictive models help to identify areas at risk, organise targeted interventions and optimise investments.

The solutions implemented to improve network performance:

  • Continuous acoustic diagnostics make it possible to detect leaks as soon as they appear thanks to permanent acoustic pre-locators, thus avoiding damage and breakage of the pipes.
  • Leak detection thanks to digital bullets circulating in the networks
  • Structural diagnostic tools make it possible to give a picture at a given moment of the ageing of the pipes.
  • The Calm Network solution uses high-frequency sensors to identify the origin of anomalies that can lead to transient pressure phenomena that weaken the pipes.
  • The PIPEboard solution is based on a patented algorithm and 2 innovative indicators (corrosion index and particle emission index). It makes it possible to identify critical areas of the networks and to initiate a perfectly adapted operation and renewal strategy thanks to the analysis of historical water quality data and structural diagnosis of the pipes.
  • Satellite diagnostics allows the detection of anomalies at ground level using algorithms that compare different photos taken by satellites at the same location.
  • The analysis and visualisation of the data reported by the sensors and by all the technologies implemented is carried out within the Aquadvanced® Water Networks software for real-time monitoring of the networks.
  • By combining our business expertise with new simulation tools, we offer a true digital twin of local authorities' assets, mapping the sections according to their condition and prescribing the best renewal scenario. To do this, we implement the Asset Advanced platform to bring together and make visible all data related to wealth management in one place.

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Local authorities

AQUADVANCED® Water Networks

Reduce losses, improve water quality and detect leaks in real time. Optimise the management of your drinking water networks with Aquadvanced® Water Networks
Local authorities

Improve efficiency of networks and fight against leaks

Innovative and integrated approaches to optimising the search for and repair of water leaks in order to preserve resources and increase the performance of your networks
Local authorities

Renovate your networks without trenches

Aqua.UV® CIPP: renovating your drinking water network with high economic and environmental performance
industrial water network

Manage businesses networks

We offer a range of services and preventive measures to ensure optimum management of your networks
Local authorities


A real-time optimisation system for water distribution networks, proven to reduce energy costs
Local authorities


The world's first solution for continuously monitoring and optimising the performance of boreholes and their pumps.

Our inspiring stories

Community of Municipalities of the “côte d'Albâtre” (France)

For the drinking water market, the Community of Municipalities of the Côte d’Albâtre has entrusted us with the customer relations of the 14,900 users, the operation of 13 water production sites, 21 storage facilities and 545 km of distribution networks.

We are committed to working alongside the Community of Municipalities of the Côte d’Albâtre to:

  • Provide a customer reception in Sasseville and at the Maison France Service in Fontaine le Dun;
  • Deploy the reading radio in 2 years, and carry out meter reading by La Poste agents;
  • Preserve water resources by deploying an action plan for the control of water losses: ILP (Linear Loss Index) target of 1.70 m3/km/day by the end of the contract
    • Real-time control of the water network with Aquadvanced® Water Networks
    • Carry out leak detection 10% of the shelf per year
    • To provide a permanent listening system with 167 pre-locators, 115 of which are newly installed
    • Manage pressure with 20 Inflowmatix sensors and perform in-depth studies to identify transient pressure phenomena

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