Estimated increase in the volume of municipal waste by 2050


Bio-waste still accounts for a third of the unsorted waste in France

A key step in waste management: waste collection is entering a new era

Local authority, industrial company, tertiary company, individual? We provide you with the means of collecting your waste: from small bins near the workstation to large centralized or voluntary containers with collection frequencies adapted to your needs. 

Tailor-made waste collection solutions

With the strengthening of regulations related to waste management at both the level of companies and local authorities, the collection sector has adapted to direct recyclable materials to the appropriate channels, in a circular economy approach. 


On the local authority side, the multiplication of the nature of household waste to be sorted has resulted in the multiplication of storage and collection offers made available to users to guarantee optimal sorting and more recycling: 

  • For household waste, door-to-door collection with bins available for each inhabitant completes the offer of voluntary drop-off points for plastic packaging, paper and cardboard, glass and possibly green waste as well as food waste. The calendar for the collection of household waste, recyclable packaging, plants and bulky items is public so that the inhabitants of the municipalities can organise the provision of bins or bags in public spaces. 
  • The sorting of bio-waste is been mandatory in some countries (for instance, since January 1st, 2024 in France). Food waste can be composted at people’s homes for their garden in rural or peri-urban areas. In urban areas, new bins, bags or new voluntary drop-off points have appeared in the neighbourhoods supplying the industrial composting units. 
  • Specific waste such as waste electrical and electronic equipment, rubble, plastics without packaging, etc. can be taken to waste disposal centres. Each piece of waste has its own collection bin.  
  • Bulky items can be collected door-to-door. The weight of residual household waste was to be reduced... 

For each municipality, the studies to optimise the collection of household waste and packaging are carried out by flow to determine the type and number of bins made available, the collection schedule,  

On the business side, following each country regulation, we can help you separate and recycle multiple waste flows, such as 

  • Paper and cardboard 
  • Metals 
  • Plastics
  • Glass 
  • Wood and pallets 
  • Minerals
  • Plaster 
  • Organic waste 
  • Textils 

We do so by providing different bins, one per type of waste or by setting up a single skip, which will be sorted on one of our sites. We can offer skips or bins or sorting bags of different sizes to optimise the frequency of collections.


We work closely with our customers to offer them customized waste collection and sorting solutions. Whether it is for regular collection services for household waste or for specific needs related to events or projects, we adapt our services to effectively meet your requirements by offering you: 

  • A range of containers adapted to the material to be recycled or treated (in quality, quantity, safety) 
  • Adapted collection solutions: automated, scheduled according to a schedule, on demand 
  • Low-carbon collection solutions 
  • Live sorting quality control solutions 
  • Characterization services for the materials collected to implement progress plan actions 
  • Reporting to monitor GHG emissions related to collection 

Your challenges, our solutions

Local authorities

ON'connect™ for waste

A range of agile, reliable and rapidly deployable digital solutions dedicated to optimising collections.
Choose a collection system that best meets your needs
Local authorities

Types of collection

We implement the most effective systems (connected collection, river collection, rail collection, etc.) depending on the specific characteristics of your area.

Technology and innovation

In order to optimise our waste collection services, we are developing digital solutions across our entire value chain: customer portals, artificial intelligence, containers connected thanks to the IOT, etc. 

We use advanced technologies to optimise our waste collection operations. Our collection vehicles are equipped with real-time tracking systems, allowing for more efficient route management and a reduction in carbon footprint. Thanks to the wasteconnect® offer, our containers can be equipped with sensors indicating the level of filling or connected buttons that can trigger its collection. Thus, IoT optimises collection for scheduling at the most appropriate time, reducing unnecessary trips and improving the carbon footprint. 

In France, we have developed an original collection solution for collecting plastic bottles. A kiosk that can be set up in the car park of a supermarket or in a public space and that rewards users for sorting their packaging. 

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of waste collection by promoting source sorting, energy recovery and recycling. Our goal is to preserve resources by transforming waste into resources and thus contribute to a low-carbon circular economy.

We are proud to support you in achieving your sustainability goals and to contribute with you to a cleaner and safer future for all. 

A trusted partner

At SUEZ, we are the trusted partner for waste collection, recognized for our technical expertise, commitment to sustainability and ability to provide tailor-made solutions.

We are proud to support you in achieving your sustainability goals and to contribute with you to a cleaner and safer future for all.

Our inspiring stories

In Plaine Commune (93), connected voluntary drop-off points for optimised collection. 

In the Paris region, the local authority of Plaine Commune (93) has chosen to equip its entire fleet of voluntary drop-off points with mymonitor, a remote reading solution for the optimisation of collection belonging to the wasteconnect® range. 

Thanks to mymonitor, Plaine Commune benefits: 

  • a service adjusted to their needs to ensure permanent availability of the terminals 
  • Improved cleanliness by eliminating overflow 
  • increased transparency of the collection service 
  • Real-time reporting of events impacting collection 
  • a better knowledge of the state of the community's assets and the collection service vis-à-vis its citizens 
  • a more environmentally friendly service with reduced CO2 emissions 
  • better economic and environmental performance

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get advice on waste management 

We support you in optimising the management of your waste so that it can be recycled as a resource in your territory or company.

Sort and process

Depending on the type of waste you have, we can offer you sorting solutions on site, or in one of our dedicated sorting centres, in order to recycle or recover your waste more effectively.