Application advice

Because we want you to have the best possible recruitment experience, we try to make it as welcoming as we can.

Here are some advice and tips to help you on your candidate journey.

Be selective!

We’re also eager to work with you…
… but we encourage you to take the time to select the right opportunity for you. We have over 1,500 opportunities and they are constantly being updated, so look for the one that best suits your profile.

Take the time to read the description carefully: it contains important information for the rest of the process. Ensure that your CV meets the requirements of the role and that the opportunity really is the one you were looking for!

Practical tips regarding our current opportunities page

You can refine your search:

  • using keywords,
  • using filters (geographical location, business area, type of contract etc.).

You’ve found a suitable opportunity? then read the following !

Are we right for each other?

If you’re ready to apply...
...we’re keen to receive your application. 
But you need to help us see your full potential.

Before applying through our current opportunities page or through one of our partners, take a step back.

You know you’re right for the role, but does your CV show it? Don’t forget that the once you’ve clicked on the “Apply” button, the information you’re providing is the information we will receive!

So work on your CV
Try to highlight the things—both professional and extracurricular—that will help us see that you’re the person we’re looking for. To do that, the job opportunity itself and the details it contains are your best allies.
Take the time you need
Complete the application form, add your CV and explain briefly why you’re applying and what interests you about the role. Those few sentences can make all the difference.

That’s the end of round one. We’ve received your CV, you’ve told us about why you’re applying and your qualities, so now it’s time for us to meet!

Prepare for your interview

Find out about SUEZ: who we are, what our purpose is, what our values are. Make a note of what appeals to you, what makes you want to join us, and prepare to talk about it with your recruiter.

Don’t worry, we’ve prepared some advice to help you!

Practical interview preparation tips: 
What is it about your background that makes your application stand out? Take your time, read the job opportunity again and think about your personal life: you might have motivations and qualities that you haven’t yet applied at work, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in them.

During the interview

Firstly, the recruiter will ask you to introduce yourself, so do this bearing in mind the role you’re applying for. At the end of your introduction, the recruiter should already understand everything you can bring to the table.

Explain what you understand the role to involve, emphasise your achievements that relate to the role and be confident about your abilities: you’re the right person for the job, without a doubt.

Ask questions, and rephrase them if necessary: this shows that you’re interested. It’s vital that you leave the interview with a clear idea of the job and that you’re confident it’s one you want to do.

If you need special arrangements, now is the time to say so. This will help us take them into account throughout the rest of the process, and ensure that your onboarding goes as smoothly as possible.

After the interview

Reiterate why you want the job.

You can do this at the end of the interview if you feel ready, otherwise you can send a message to your recruiter, or even both.

Our recruitment process

Before you sign your employment contract and start work, there are several steps to go through.

You’ve decided to apply for a role with us: what can you expect?

Our standard candidate journey is as follows:

1 >

You apply for a role

- on our careers site,
- via a partner site
- or directly with the human resources department.

2 >

You will be contacted by a recruiter who will ask questions about your background, your profile and your reasons for applying, and they will give you details about the job and the rest of the process.

In some cases, they will ask you to take a personality test, which will enable you to hold a more in-depth discussion and prepare for the next stages.

3 >

If you get through that crucial stage and the recruiter is confident that your profile matches the role’s requirements, you will be invited to an interview with your manager, and sometimes your manager’s manager!

You have not yet been selected for the job, there may be several of you in the running. So be well prepared, confident about your abilities, and above all trust yourself!

4 >

You will be contacted to discuss what happens next.

If you haven’t been successful this time around, it certainly doesn’t mean that your skills or profile aren’t suited to our company, just that another candidate may have had a little extra something … but next time, it could be you!

If you are successful, you will receive a proposal including contractual and remuneration terms. Once you’ve accepted them, you, human resources and your future manager will decide on your start date. You will then be invited to sign your contract.

Some things may be different for you but don’t worry, every role and every background gets the attention it deserves and we will be able to clarify everything during our various discussions.

What will never change, however, are our principles of fairness and inclusion, which we will uphold at every stage, as well as respecting all visible and invisible differences.

How long will the process take?

At SUEZ, we believe that the faster we can hold our various discussions, the better the journey is!

So we will do everything we can to ensure that the stages follow on from each other as quickly as possible and that you are fully informed about next steps and decision timeframes.

Depending on the role, the journey will take between three weeks to two months.

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