Staff members in front of a water tank at the Gabal El Asfar waste water treatment plant, in Cairo, Egypt

Who are we?

As a global leader in the water and waste management sectors, we have been operating for over 160 years all over the world. We provide essential services to protect the resource and improve quality of life wherever we operate.
SEN'EAU employees in the drinking water treatment plant in Saint-Louis, Senegal

Our purpose

Our purpose is our North star, that drives us and guides us in everything we do. It reflects our contribution to society, and the reason why we exist.


Headed by Sabrina Soussan, our Group is supported by a solid consortium of shareholders and a governance structure built around a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.
Employee inspecting a water line on an industrial site

Our strategic plan

In September 2022, we made a strong commitment and set a clear direction for all our stakeholders: to become the trusted partner for circular solutions in water and waste. The whole Group is now mobilised to implement our 5-year strategy.
SUEZ employee working at MARS Chocolat France site

Choosing SUEZ: the value proposition for our customers

As we face ever more pressing challenges such as climate change and increasing pollution, we are committed to supporting you across the water and waste value chain and becoming your trusted partner for environmental services.

Waste water treatment plant Aquapole - Grenoble, France

Our approach to sustainability

Our water and waste management businesses have deep local roots and by their very nature help to preserve natural resources. We are determined to increase the positive impact of our activities by putting sustainability at the heart of our business strategy.
Frederick Jeske-Schoenhoven , Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer, Executive Vice-President
CIRSEE - TREATlab platform - Croissy-sur-Seine (France) - SUEZ

Our innovations for circular water and waste solutions

The environmental services sector is at a turning point in its development. Climate change, scarcity of resources, falling biodiversity and the energy transition call for new solutions. At SUEZ, we are choosing to seek innovations that offer practical solutions to your current and future challenges in terms of water and waste management.
Drinking water treatment plant in Senegal


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