People around the world are affected by drought
(Source : COP 28 Report)



People threatened by floods worldwide in 2023
(Source : International Office for Water)



Of the French territory covered by one or more water development and management plans in 2024
(Source : International Office for Water)

Preserve and save our water resources

We can help private and public sector operators manage your water resources to ensure sustainable, environmentally-friendly consumption. By analysing needs, assessing impacts and proposing appropriate solutions, we advise you on how to preserve water and aquatic environments.

Our teams have expertise in the entire water cycle, whether we are talking about drinking water, wastewater or aquatic environments. We have many water treatment and sanitation specialists.

Anchored in the heart of the territories, they have a detailed knowledge of local issues and problems, to provide you with tailor-made answers and solutions.

Through our long history of building networks, delivering tap water to every household and monitoring the consumptions through meters, we have forged a knowledge that we know apply for you, to help you and your users to have the best resource management possible. Our committed teams are keen to help every customer on its path to sustainable water services.

Water management is key for the future and addressing this issue means taking into account all the stages of the water cycle.
Michael Colson , Director France SUEZ Consulting
Our missions: to preserve and save our water resources, reduce consumption, provide water that complies with drinkability criteria, optimise treatments, ensure the sustainability of the performance of structures, enhance coastal and port areas as well as all protected areas and guarantee the quality of the water discharged in accordance with the acceptability of the receiving environment.

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Anticipate the distribution and changes in our water uses in the Grand Est Region (France)

In 2020, the Grand Est Region initiated a prospective study on the quantitative state of water resources in its territory for the 2030, 2050, 2070 and 2100 horizons.

The aim is to anticipate imbalances in the availability of water resources in the territory in order to adapt uses and thus limit the impacts of current and future drought episodes.

Faced with these challenges, our experts are working alongside the Region to carry out a quantitative analysis of the state of the regional resource and risk areas with missions to:

  • Characterisation of the resource and definition of homogeneous sectors, hydrological and hydrogeological entities coherent from the point of view of the water resource
  • Analysis of the adequacy between surface/underground resources and needs: drinking water supply, industry, agriculture, energy (hydroelectric dams, cooling of power plants)
  • Diagnosis of the quantitative status over the period 2000-2019 and over the horizons 2050 and 2100
  • Identification of 13 areas of concern on which to deepen the diagnoses, including 2 control areas that are not under strong pressure, but have sensitive natural environments

A major study alongside the Region presented at the 101st congress of Astee - Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment.

A dam to support local agriculture in Guadeloupe

Since 2006, our teams have been working on the construction of the Moreau dam, an earthen structure with 500,000 m³ of embankment in the commune of Goyave, east of Basse-Terre, in Guadeloupe.

After several years of feasibility studies of the project and its impact on the environment, its construction began in 2014. By combining geological, geotechnical and environmental skills, a 255-metre-long and 27-metre-high dike made of clay and sand will provide the water needed for Basse-Terre's agricultural production in times of drought, by storing 1,000,000 m³ of water.

This dam is key to regulating the waterways, storing water for the supply of drinking water to the inhabitants, irrigating crops, fighting fires, and developing the region's recreational activities.

Moreau dam, Guadeloupe

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