SUEZ wins the contract to build and operate a desalination plant in the sultanate of Oman

Oman Power and Water Procurement (OPWP), the company in charge of water and energy supply in the Sultanate of Oman, has chosen the Barka Desalination Company, a consortium made up of SUEZ and its partners to finance, build and operate a new seawater desalination plant in Barka. This public-private BOO (Build Own Operate) partnership provides for the construction and the operation for 20 years of the facility, which, with a capacity of 281,000 m3 per day, is the largest reverse osmosis desalination plant in the Sultanate of Oman. The plant will start supplying drinking water by 1 April 2018. SUEZ is in charge of the construction and operation of the plant. The construction phase represents a total amount of 276 million euro.