Fondation SUEZ

The Fondation SUEZ committed in the “Territoire Zéro Chômeur Longue Durée” experiment

The Fondation SUEZ supports the association ELAN, in Jouques (13) and, since last April, Le Booster de Saint-Jean in Villeurbanne (69). With 8 other territories, both are part of the “Territoire Zéro Chômeurs Longue Durée” experiment.

In Jouques, a municipality in which there are 140 long-term unemployed for 4,857 inhabitants, the project is led by the Local Committee. This Committee involves all the stakeholders (elected officials, employers, associations, employment partners). The association ELAN Jouques is in charge for the project’s implementation, with the purpose of developing non-competitive activities to the market economy (for now: agro-forestry, tourism, multi-service) and creating as many long-term jobs as necessary for 5 years. The experiment lasts long enough to evaluate the impact on long-term unemployment and on the economic and social development of the area.

In Villeurbanne, the company EmerJean was created “For employment” and remunerates 60 people with permanent contracts, aiming at employing 200 people in 2019. Its activities concern professional laundry services, information on maintenance contracts for social landlords, educational coaching, office waste sorting and collection, and the construction of a local and organic vegetable processing areas.