Sustainable development

SUEZ presents its first integrated report to give an account of the company’s global performance

The company’s performance is not only financial, it is also environmental, social and societal. Breaking away from traditional methods, SUEZ is publishing its first integrated report, a prospective assessment of the Group’s strategy, in accordance with stakeholder’s preoccupations.

The integrated report is a voluntary exercise, which allows SUEZ to display information on the company’s value creation process in the short, medium and long-term.

Aimed at replacing the Sustainable Development report, this new report is synthetic and minute, containing many diagrams that facilitate a simplified reading of the business model, the strategy and the group’s governance.

The Integrated Report addresses SUEZ’s high importance issues identified in a materiality exercise conducted in 2015. Inspired by audit methods, the exercise cross-analyses internal and external stakeholders’perceptions: with more than 4900 respondents from 49 countries, the exercise conducted by SUEZ is one of the most robust in the world. With it, the Group reaffirms the strategic role of dialogue, fundamental to the solution of many dilemmas and the optimization of its global performance.