SUEZ inaugurates the largest wastewater treatment plant in the Czech Republic in Prague

On September 19 last, Prague inaugurated the new wastewater treatment plant built by SUEZ. It is the most important work in the Czech Republic.

A true concentrate of technology and know-how, this facility is fully integrated into its environment, between Prague's highly visited zoo and Troja's Baroque castle. Built on a floodplain island (Cisarsky Ostrov) and with limited space and access, the station is completely underground, soundproof and deodorized.

This plant is not only compact but also resilient. It is capable of withstanding 100-year floods.

The city of Prague had decided to launch this project following the 2002 floods that severely damaged the old facility.

SUEZ was the first international company to invest in the water sector in the former Republic of Czechoslovakia. SUEZ and its local subsidiaries employ more than 2,600 people. Today, the Czech Republic is at the heart of the Group's development activities in the water industry in central Europe.