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"RUMO A BRASILIA 2018": on the way to the World Water Forum 2018!

On June 27th and 28th, the first discussions have been hold to prepare the World Water Forum 2018 in Brazil! For the occasion, SUEZ reveals its partnership in the project "RUMO A BRASILIA 2018". This unprecedented initiative aims to mobilize, two years before the WWF, countries from South America in order to reflect and to face together water awareness within the area.

On the occasion of the kick-off of the World Water Forum to be held in Brasilia in 2018, SUEZ announced its partnership with "RUMO A BRASILIA 2018” ! As part of this partnership and over the next two years, different events are scheduled in Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Within the six cities that have been selected in South America, various activities will be organized:

  • Talks and debates about the protection of water resources,
  • concerts and other cultural events for local population,
  • awareness actions among the younger generation will be put in place to testify and to encourage the awareness for water issues and needs to foster support for solutions.

Two key objectives: dialogue and sensibilisation

The events organized as part of "RUMO Brasilia 2018" aim to gather public authorities, local communities, industrials and inhabitants around collective and innovative initiatives. The objective is also to create a local awareness towards the issues of water management within the region.

A rich programme!

The first event has already taken place in the city of Belem, in northern Brazil. SUEZ participated in the event through round tables and supported a photo expedition.

This last one included photographers from National Geographic: they accompanied a group of young photographers on Amazonian lands to produce a photo exhibition open to all residents of Belem.

In September, "RUMO A BRASILIA" will be held in Mexico and Salvador de Bahia in November. In 2017, the Chilean cities of Santiago and Sao Paulo will host this great project.

The whole project “RUMO A BRASILIA" was presented June 28, 2016 at the Kick-off meeting of the World Water Forum in 2018.

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