Circular economy

Project MainStream Publishes a report on "Urban Biocycles" and names Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE Chairman of its steering board

At the 2017 World Economic Forum in Davos, Project MainStream publishes its report on "Urban biocycles", and appoints Jean-Louis Chaussade, Chairman of the Mainstream steering committee. This report focuses on the potential of the significant volume of organic waste flowing through the urban environment. The aim is to highlight the opportunities to capture value, in the form of the energy, nutrients and materials.

Project Mainstream is a joint initiative by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation, aimed at scaling up deployment of the circular economy model. Created in 2014, this project is a collective, cross-industry programme, whose steering committee members are the directors of major international groups.

It focuses on systemic stalemates in global material flows that are too big or too complex for an individual business, city or government to overcome alone, and on enablers of the circular economy such as digital technologies.