With more than 150 innovative projects, the 11th "Innovation Awards" recognizes the commitment and innovative strengths of the employees of SUEZ Group

On Thursday, April 15, Bertrand Camus, CEO of SUEZ, chaired the 11th ceremony recognizing the most innovative projects developed by SUEZ teams. In 2020, despite the unprecedented context, the health crisis revealed itself as an accelerator of Group research, development and innovation. More than 150 innovative projects developed on five continents were submitted to the SUEZ Group jury, leading to a shortlist of 28 projects in seven categories: Health & Quality of Life, Circular Economy, Carbon Neutrality, Preservation of Natural Capital, CSR, Digital Technology and Operating Performance. 8 very innovative projects were recognized.

Focus on a few of the innovative winners:

  • COVID-19 solution: thanks to the roll-out of an analytical methodology, this solution enables the detection of the emergence of new Covid-19 clusters right from the contamination phase regardless of the number of asymptomatic cases. SUEZ Group offers more than 200 municipalities, in France and internationally, a reliable tool to monitor and anticipate the spread of the pandemic. Collaboration between the R&D teams of SUEZ France (CIRSEE, Rivages Pro Tech) and SUEZ Spain (CETAQUA, LABAQUA) enabled the development of this solution within a very short time. Today, the solution is sold especially in France and Spain.  It has been adopted by the Spanish Ministries of Health and Environment to monitor 35 major wastewater treatment plants in the country.


  • SARRA (SUEZ Augmented Reality Remote Assistance): faced with transport restrictions linked to the global health crisis, in Asia, the teams created an augmented reality remote assistance (ARRA) solution enabling them to benefit from remote assistance in completing their projects, such as the commissioning of a plant in Thailand. Since June 2020, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 technology provides an easy-to-use and immersive augmented reality solution for SUEZ teams thanks to, for example, live video calls with the person using the virtual reality headset on the worksite and remote experts from their computers. New work practices have now been rolled out, which has enabled operating performance to be maintained. 


  • Methanis: in order to improve the carbon impact of the Group’s activities, SUEZ, in partnership with Prodeval, purify biogas into renewable natural gas composed of 99% of recoverable methane in distribution networks, for many years. Faced with the missing of closed gas network, the SUEZ Group, in partnership with Cryopur, completed Methanis range with solutions for liquefying or compressing this biogas. In this way, it can be used as fuel for a local fleet of vehicles for example, and to produce pure bioCO2 for refrigeration applications.


  • Phosphobrine: due to the scarcity of water, the production of sea water desalination using reverse osmosis is intensifying. The by-product of this process— the brine—is a huge unexploited source of magnesium. This innovation is based on the combined use of existing SUEZ technology (Phosphogreen) and the brine as a source of magnesium in order to maximize struvite recovery from wastewater. The technical feasibility of the Phosphobrine solution was demonstrated successfully with site tests producing up to 4 kg of struvite per day in the two main water resource recovery plants in Perth (Australia). These tests also provided the basis of the design of a large-scale installation.


  • Social Profit Tool (UK) is an online platform, developed by the SUEZ R&R UK teams, on which each user can request the social value of a segment of the company (BU, region, site, etc.), of a tender or any other project such as the creation of community event or a new employment program. To supply the tool, 88 key performance indicators (KPI) are populated for each of the 373 SUEZ R&R UK sites, mainly relating to the main social, environmental and economic impacts.


Innovation at SUEZ Group

  • €120m invested in 2019 in research and innovation
  • 8 R&D centers 
  • 9 laboratories and centers of excellence
  • 530 permanent R&D employees
  • 1,400 technical experts worldwide



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