Recycling and recovery

SUEZ wins a contract to recover waste in the Sydney Metropolitan area

SUEZ has been awarded the contract to recycle and recover the municipal waste of the 260,000 residents of the Northern Beaches district, located in the Sydney metropolitan area. The 10-year contract, valued at approximately €130 million will begin on 1 July 2019.
SUEZ will provide services to process and recover the 50,000 tonnes of municipal mixed solid waste and 4,000 tonnes of garden organic waste collected each year by the Northern Beaches Council. The waste will be send to be processed at the Eastern Creek Advanced Resource Recovery Facility. The facility will divert household waste from landfill by recovering the recyclable materials (ferrous, non-ferrous metals, plastics) for downstream recycling markets and converting the organic fraction of the waste into standardised compost for agricultural use.

The contract awarded to SUEZ is in line with the policy of national and local authorities to reduce the environmental footprint of waste management. The recovery of household waste will create a local circular economy loop and will support the Council in meeting its target of 70% diversion of waste from landfill from 2019.

Northern Beaches Council Chief Executive Officer Mark Ferguson said: “This partnership will honour our environmental responsibilities by not just meeting but exceeding our mandated targets. Using proven technologies, we will be able to recover waste as recyclables and organic material, avoiding the equivalent of more than 43 thousand tonnes of CO2 each year, for the next 10 years.
In Australia, SUEZ plays a key role in environmental and resources preservation, in both water management (with technologies like reuse and desalination) and waste recycling and recovery. With this new contract, SUEZ is pursuing its development in sustainable waste management in Australia, where the company already collects 2.2 million tonnes of waste every year from 4 million residents and industrial and commercial clients. SUEZ is a leader on the waste recovery market, with 1.2 million tonnes of waste recovered per year.