SUEZ supports Rennes Métropole in an ambitious ecological and smart collection project 

Renewal of a 6-year contract for the collection of household waste, large items ans voluntary drop-off sites worth €79.5 million.

SUEZ has won the 6‐year contract for the collection of household waste, large items and voluntary drop‐off sites for the 420,000 inhabitants of Rennes Metropolitan area, worth a total of almost €80 million. SUEZ’s largest contract for household waste collection in France will start on 1 July 2017. The service will use smart trucks that enable the Rennes Métropole authorities to guarantee a quality service for the inhabitants, while reducing pollution at the same time. SUEZ, which has been the city’s collection operator since 2003, proposed a bold project featuring numerous innovations.

Improving the region’s environmental quality

In January 2018, Rennes Métropole will become the first Metropolitan area in France to use an entire fleet of collection vehicles powered by an alternative fuel: urban natural gas.

Emitting fewer pollutants – NOx emissions are between 50% and 85% lower ‐ and quieter – noise pollution will be cut by 50% ‐ SUEZ’s 42 natural gas‐powered collection trucks will contribute to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Rennes.

Innovations for sustainable and connected cities

Under the terms of the contract, SUEZ will deploy its smart trucks, which are the fruit of several years of research and development. Rennes Métropole will be the first local authority where two pilot units of these trucks will be deployed. New‐generation collection trucks are fitted with sensors that can measure the air quality or produce thermographic maps of the city showing the levels of energy loss of buildings. In addition to these innovations, the entire fleet is equipped with onboard information systems that collect data in real time. This data is centralised in the SUEZ Data Lab [1], where it is analysed in order to optimise the collection rounds and the number of pick‐ups by, for example, examining the presentation rate of collection bins, or the fill levels of drop‐off sites.

Encouraging local initiatives

The collection service, which is an integral part of the life of the community, was developed by SUEZ in close cooperation with regional players. SUEZ proposed to the Rennes city authority to set up a Regional Initiatives Fund. The purpose of this fund, jointly controlled by Rennes Métropole and SUEZ, is to encourage, select, test and, if they are successful, deploy all kinds of initiatives related to waste collection. Examples of these initiatives include a partnership with the “Tout en vélo” cooperative to test the collection of bulk waste in the city centre by bicycle, and support for the associations for traditional farming (AMAP) in the collection of biowaste.

Supporting jobs and reinforcing the region's attractiveness 

120 employees will be assigned to this contract. Special attention will be paid to their safety and to the professional integration of people part of social inclusion programmes. As a consequence, SUEZ recommended the use of low‐cab trucks that offer improved visibility for greater safety during the collection rounds. 13 full‐time equivalents from back‐to‐work schemes will join the team, in support of professional integration.

The teams will be temporarily reinforced by 50 additional operators in an effort to guarantee the quality of service during the first weeks of operation of the new rounds. Initiatives will be taken with
Social Solidarity Economy players to make these vacancies available to as broad a selection of applicants as possible.

Under the terms of the contract, a new operations centre will be opened in Pacé to replace the centre in Cesson‐Sévigné, and to supplement the existing base in Chartres de Bretagne. This new base will meet the highest standards of environmental performance, offer employees top‐quality working conditions and optimise operations.

[1] The system that centralises the data collected by the sensors installed on the vehicles


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