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SUEZ supports Amsterdam in its sustainable urban development initiative

Amsterdam is calling on SUEZ to depollute and rehabilitate the Amstelkwartier district located in the east of the capital. This €5 million contract aims to support the city in its urban renewal project for 2 years, by transforming the former industrial zone into a new public area.

Amstelkwartier is a former industrial activities zone. As part of their sustainable urban development initiative, local authorities plan to rehabilitate this area, which will host in the future several housing projects, shops and offices.

In order to meet the city of Amsterdam’s expectations and challenges in this major project, SUEZ offers a global solution mobilising multidisciplinary expertise.

IWS, SUEZ’s subsidiary specialised in the treatment and recovery of hazardous waste in Europe, ensures the excavation of 90,000 m3 of polluted and unpolluted soil as well as the sorting and disposal of 13,000 tonnes of polluted soil. In partnership with local contractors, the 54 km of old water, electricity and gas networks will be removed, new wastewater treatment networks will be built and 11,000 m3 of the site will be refilled and restored.

With its high density, the municipality of Amsterdam reclaims its abandoned industrial zones to build new residential and working areas. The former industrial zone called “Amstelkwartier” has hosted since the early 1900s a gas factory. We were looking for a partner, through a tender, able to identify precisely the pollution in the soils and to remediate the area under the highest standards. SUEZ IWS was chosen for the experience to work on complex remediation projects,” comments Patrick Winkel, Project manager of the City of Amsterdam, in charge of the site development.

For almost 50 years, SUEZ has been providing its expertise in the preservation of resources in the Netherlands and supplies 16.8 million users in this territory through recycling and recovery as well as water treatment activities.


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