SUEZ reinvents urban cleaning services to make our regions more attractive with three contracts won in Marseilles, Bordeaux and Reims worth total revenues of more than 114 millions euros

After Marseilles (September 2017) and Bordeaux (September 2018), SUEZ has won a third urban cleaning contract in Reims that will take effect on 1 April 2019. The Group strengthens its role as an innovative regional operator through its collaboration with these three major French conurbations.

SUEZ provides a new approach to urban cleaning, based on both the perception of citizens and the implementation of innovative resources particularly through the use of digital technologies (example: QR code), to improve the image and the appeal of cities and to meet users’ expectations on their urban environment.


  • In Reims, SUEZ has renewed the urban cleaning contract for the city centre and the one for cleaning services of food markets. The Group will use digital applications for foot workers and vehicles in order to guarantee a modernised, top-quality service. Urban cleaning in Reims will also become more sustainable, with a reduced environmental impact. In addition to developing green mobility (electric vehicles, bicycles, etc.), the Group has also committed to recover the collected waste:

> 100% of the biowaste collected in the food markets will be organically recovered

> 100% of the cardboard boxes collected in the markets and on the occasion of other events will be sorted and recycled as materials.

  • In Bordeaux, SUEZ has been managing urban cleaning in the city centre since September 2018, with door-to-door collection of household waste, the collection from voluntary deposit containers, the collection of bulky waste and neighbourhood cleaning services (waste bins, streets, urban furniture, weeding). This contract aims to achieve operational excellence. Indeed, a system of alerts has been introduced that reports any anomalies observed in the field, in order to react as quickly as possible and to guarantee an optimal result. Some specific services will be provided by local partners. The “Atelier Remuménage” collects bulky waste by bike, “Ecomégot” installs ashtrays but also collects and recovers cigarette ends, and “Tapaj” is tasked with the manual weeding work.

  • In Marseilles, SUEZ and Noé Concept have been innovating since September 2017 in the urban cleaning, the collection and sorting of the waste produced by the 65,000 inhabitants of the city’s 1st and 2nd arrondissements. This contract involves 37 employees every day. It provides for the predictive management, traceability and realtime tracking of the rounds, using the GPS systems installed in the waste collection trucks, and for the assessment of the quality of the service by a dedicated application. 215 tonnes of waste are collected by vehicle street sweepers in these two arrondissements every month.

To achieve a high quality of service in these three conurbations, the solutions developed by SUEZ promote civic participation and are based on a network of local partners.


Press: Laurent Gaudichaud / Elodie Vandevoorde +33 1 58 81 54 46