Recycling and recovery

SUEZ pursues development in China's hazardous waste market

SUEZ signed an agreement with Fulong Environmental Company and Wall-Mark (Hong Kong), establishing a joint venture that will focus on the development of industrial hazardous waste treatment. The three parties will be committed to the development of an integrated waste treatment plant with a designed capacity of 30,000 tons per year in the city of Foshan (Guangdong Province, China) in order to meet the city’s needs of hazardous waste treatment.

According to the agreement, with a shared RMB 500 million ( €68 million) capital investment of 50% (SUEZ), 40% (Fulong Environmental) and 10% (Wall-Mark), the new joint venture “Foshan Fulong SUEZ Environmental Services Company Limited” will provide professional hazardous and industrial waste treatment solutions. The business scopes range widely from collection, storage and incineration of the special waste, sales of steam and other by-products derived from the treatment process, and provision of any related secondary services, to soil contamination remediation.