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SUEZ operates the industrial waste landfill in North Al Batina, Oman

Be’ah1 has awarded SUEZ a contract for the Operation & Maintenance of the Industrial Waste Landfill in North Al-Batina, Oman. The duration of the contract is 3 and a half years. SUEZ will be in charge of the reception, storage and landfilling of 42,000 tons of industrial hazardous waste annually.

The North Al Batina region, located North West of Muscat (Oman’s capital), accounts for around 90% of the country’s current industrial hazardous waste output, with significant amounts being generated by industries operating within the industrial port and the nearby industrial estate.

This contract is part of be’ah’s future plan to develop a national Integrated Industrial waste treatment facility in North Al-Batina, which will be the first in the country that will treat and dispose thousands of tons of industrial waste generated in Oman every year. The landfill operated by SUEZ is the initial phase of the integrated treatment facility, and contractual period is designed to bridge the gap until the full facility is ready for operation. Tenders on both the construction and the operation of the final facility will be released in the near future by be’ah, and a pre-qualification process has been announced, and it will remain open for participation until late October. The full facility will later include pretreatment units, a dedicated waste solidification facility as well as a physical/chemical treatment plant designed to process liquid inorganic hazardous waste. A thermal treatment plant (incinerator) for elimination of hazardous waste is envisioned as well.

SUEZ’s presence in Oman in the waste sector is illustrated in many projects. Since 2010, SUEZ has been awarded four different contracts for the management of several municipal landfills in the Sultanate. Amongst them, Al Amerat and Barka engineered landfills. The Group has been also active in the Omani water sector for many years, notably with the construction of Barka II desalination plant (120,000 m3 water a day) and more recently with Barka 4 Independent Water Project (281,000 m3 water/day), the Oman’s largest desalination plant, which has officially entered into commercial operation in June 2018

1 Oman Environmental Services Holding Company S.A.O.C


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