Recycling and recovery

SUEZ launches a box-based sorting solution to simplify the management of diffuse waste in companies

On 1 July 2016, the energy transition law and the “five flows” decree required all companies producing more than 1,100 litres of waste per week to sort and recover their paper / cardboard, glass, wood, metal and plastic. Any company can assess its own compliance online and free of charge at Today, SUEZ is making it even easier for customers to manage their waste with its turnkey Colibri® box-based sorting solution that meets the requirements of the new legislation.
With Colibri®, SUEZ is proposing a simple, practical and personalised waste sorting and recovery solution to all businesses, irrespective of their size and field of activity.
The new offer provides for the supply of adapted containers, from boxes, to 660-litre pallet crates for dense materials and 400-litre sacks for light materials. These containers, or boxes, are removed, and then manage by SUEZ to be recovered as secondary raw materials. The sorting centre can distinguish up to 11 recoverable materials, including the “five flows” (paper / cardboard, glass, wood, metal and plastic). The graphically decorated boxes are also marked with the sorting instructions that help company employees to adopt good sorting practices.
The boxes are picked up and replaced by SUEZ. Every collected box is systematically replaced by a new container and there is no volume limit for the collection of the 400-litre sacks. The waste is transported to the sorting centres, where it is inspected and prepared for recovery. In keeping with the regulations, SUEZ issues an annual recovery certificate to the companies subscribing to the new offer, which they can produce in the event of an inspection.
SUEZ can also manage of the companies’ waste management budget as part of an all-inclusive offer (between one and eight collections a month and the number of boxes) at a fixed rate, irrespective of how full the boxes are, the tonnage and commodity prices. Companies interested in Colibri® can ask for a quotation online at