SUEZ is opening its first VALOVISIO® smart centre for waste management and recovery

Après VISIO, les centres de pilotage du service de l’eau, SUEZ lance VALOVISIO®, les centres de pilotage intelligents pour la gestion et la valorisation des déchets. Le premier centre VALOVISIO® a été inauguré aujourd’hui à Caluire-et-Cuire, près de Lyon (69). Dédié aux services aux entreprises des régions Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, il permettra aux clients de SUEZ de bénéficier d’un service optimisé et parfaitement adapté à leurs besoins, d’une traçabilité de leurs flux et d’une plus grande réactivité à leurs demandes.

Drawing on proven human expertise, the use of real-time data and smart digital tools, the VALOVISIO® 360° management centre is a hub gathering data (geolocation of collection trucks and containers, container fill levels, collection progress etc.) generated by the connected tools and sensors fitted to SUEZ's vehicles, installations and containers.

Continuously analysed, the data is translated into dashboards and used to support decision-making, to optimise services very responsively, to reinforce safety and to guarantee perfect tracking for the waste flows. Thanks to VALOVISIO®, it is possible to schedule waste collection automatically, taking driver and vehicle availability and normal journey times into account in real time and adjusting or modifying rounds based on traffic, breakdowns or urgent new requests from clients.

By optimising the way services are organised and adapting resources, VALOVISIO® will improve the operational performance of the service, guaranteeing control over costs and keen pricing for clients. By providing a source of information, VALOVISIO® will give them a complete and perfectly transparent view of their waste management. New intelligent systems for analysing the data will make it possible to go still further, offering an evolution of their services based on past data to anticipate their needs and optimise the associated resources to be deployed. The service is thus more than responsive – it becomes predictive.
The launch of VALOVISIO® is part of SUEZ's firm ambition to become the leader in smart and digital services in waste recycling and reuse. These innovative solutions contribute to the concrete development of the circular economy in the regions and to the resource preservation.