SUEZ is launching its Digital Hub: a digital project accelerator

The goal of the Digital Hub is to accelerate 15 to 20 high-potential digital projects every 6 months. It brings together cross-functional, multi-cultural teams and partners (tech startups, incubators, etc.), who work in a flexible approach at a digital workplace in the heart of Paris. The first season, which recently ended, facilitated the delivery of ground-breaking solutions, many of which are dedicated to optimising the performance of water networks and waste treatment.

Digital technology driving water networks performance 

Drinking water and wastewater networks, which are often inaccessible, can suffer degradation due to soil composition, operating conditions (pressure, water quality, etc.), and surface activities (construction, traffic, etc.). That is why it is essential to know the state of this buried infrastructure, to optimise pipework maintenance and renovations, and guarantee their performance. Digital solutions now make it possible to detect which pipes are the most vulnerable and to optimise maintenance investments for municipalities.

The first projects developed by the Digital Hub complete the SUEZ's range of digital solutions (AQUADVANCEDTM, OPTIMIZERTM) dedicated to water and sanitation network performance:  

  • AquaCircleTM is a web simulation tool that creates comprehensive performance diagnostics for drinking water networks and proposes a targeted action plan based on the best cost/benefit scenarios. AquaCircleTM provides a complete vision of performance by analysing all of the important parameters: volumes of water that have been consumed or lost on leaks, the state of the infrastructure, economic and operational efficiency.
  • To complement this tool, SUEZ has developed NetScanTM: an innovative asset management tool for drinking water networks that strengthens the performance improvement strategy offered by AquaCircleTM. By pairing the last network inspection technologies with Machine Learning algorithms, NetScanTM makes it possible to assess pipe degradation in the short and medium term, to identify sections at higher risk, and therefore to better focus any pipework renovation efforts. This solution is currently being deployed by the Syndicat des Eaux Aquavesc, which supplies 520,000 inhabitants in 31 municipalities in Les Yvelines and Hauts-de-Seine departments (France), and by the Public Utility Board of Singapore.
  • As for wastewater networks, given the new possibilities opened up by artificial intelligence and image recognition software, SUEZ has partnered with start-ups like to create an automatic pipework degradation detection solution using drones. The tool developed by, which is part of SUEZ's Visual Inspect solutions, offers sanitation network managers a complete and unprecedented diagnostic tool (videos / 3D images / recommendations) for optimised asset management.

Digital technology driving waste traceability and treatment 

To ensure the real-time traceability of waste flows, from collection to treatment, SUEZ has experimented the Blockchain technology. Case studies of this technology will be expanded during the second Digital Hub season, which began in April. This new season will also focus on several “computer vision” projects, including a non-compliant waste detection solution for Waste-to-Energy plants. This will help to optimise facility performance and waste treatment.

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