SUEZ Group presents its Purpose to shape a sustainable environment, now

During the Annual General Meeting of May 12, 2020, Bertrand Camus, Chief Executive Officer, will present the Group’s first Purpose to shareholders.

SUEZ’s Purpose, developed throughout 2019 using a highly comprehensive internal and external consultation procedure with stakeholders, employees, customers, partners, and shareholders, signals the Group’s identity, providing direction for the future. In line with the PACTE action plan for business growth and transformation in France and the UN Global Compact’s worldwide commitments, the Company Purpose seeks to set out SUEZ’s contribution to society’s main challenges in a more effective way, in light of its history and culture as well as its deep transformation, started by the Shaping SUEZ 2030 strategic plan.

SUEZ Group’s Purpose is reflected in: 9 months’ collective mobilization and internal consultation; 90,000 employees were invited to participate in several discussions and workshops with stakeholders, panel experts and the support of the Board of Directors in addition to 20,000 participants in an in-house survey; nearly 42,000 verbatims were collected and 18 work groups were led by members of the Group’s top management.


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