SUEZ facilitates waste-sorting practices with a new mobile application

On the occasion of European Week for Waste Reduction, from 16 to 24 November 2019, SUEZ is launching a new service to help citizens to adopt the right preventive and sorting practices.

The “monservicedéchets” application, developed in partnership with the UZER start-up, completes the web version www.monservicedechets.com, launched in 2016. Three years after its launch, this online information portal is now used by 900 municipalities, representing more than two million inhabitants.

This service is now accessible froman application that can be downloaded for free onto smartphones or tablets, once the local authority has subscribed to the service. This easy-to-use application turns citizens into players in the circular economy in just a few clicks, because waste that is properly sorted is easier to recover.

By scanning the barcode on packaging, users can see whether it is recyclable, and find out how to sort their waste according to the local instructions. They can also discover more about the nutritional quality of the products1 and the presence of any additives or allergens. An interactive map shows the different collection points in the municipality: voluntary collection points, recycling centres, communal shared composters, etc. Users can also report unauthorized dumping of waste or ask for bulky waste collection at home. Finally, the points earned every time a user scans a product can be converted into individual rewards (e.g., tickets for the municipal swimming pool), can benefit the neighbourhood (new urban furniture, communal shared composters , etc.) or can be given as a donation to an association.

1 Among 700 000 referenced products


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