SUEZ continues to defend the interest of its shareholders, employees and clients and all its stakeholders

Under the aegis of the Economy and Finance Ministry, Mr. Philippe VARIN, Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Bertrand CAMUS, Chief Executive Director, SUEZ, met this evening with Mr. Antoine FREROT, Chairman and CEO of Veolia following the latter’s refusal to accept a similar invitation from the Minister last week-end.

Through this initiative, SUEZ continues to defend the interests of its shareholders, employees, clients and all its stakeholders.

SUEZ set out conditions precedent for any dialogue between the two groups, in order to ensure equal treatment of all its shareholders: on the one hand, the suspension of Veolia’s offer to purchase a block of 29,9% of SUEZ’ capital owned by Engie and, on the other hand and in its place, the filing of a public offer addressed to 100% of SUEZ’s shareholders.

Faced with the refusal of Veolia to change its 30 September deadline and also to make an offer to all SUEZ shareholders, it has not been possible to initiate such a dialogue.

Were these conditions precedent met, a discussion could then begin, without rush, in order to address the significant uncertainties present in Veolia’s current proposal including the protection of SUEZ’s employees.

SUEZ remains confident in its ability to offer all of its stakeholders a value-creating project.


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