SUEZ’S Board of Directors unanimously chooses Jean-Louis Chaussade to become Chairman

At their meeting held today, SUEZ’s Board of Directors unanimously appointed Jean-Louis Chaussade as future Chairman of SUEZ’s Board of Directors, effective May 14, 2019.

The Board of Directors considered that his career within the Group as well as his experience and knowledge of SUEZ’s businesses, partners and values, means he has all the qualities to succeed Mr. Gérard Mestrallet, whose term as Chairman of the Board of Directors will finish at the end of the Annual General Meeting on May 14 this year, in line with the Company’s articles of association.

With the appointment of Bertrand Camus as CEO, a new chapter begins for SUEZ. This coming year will be marked by him taking up the role and the team that he is going to form, as well as the development and approval by the Board of Directors of a strategic plan for SUEZ for 2030. Under the chairmanship of Jean-Louis Chaussade, the Board of Directors will contribute to the success of this important year for SUEZ, and will provide the new CEO with all the support he needs.

The Board would like to extend Jean-Louis Chaussade its wishes for every success in his new role.

The Board particularly welcomes the initiatives undertaken by Gérard Mestrallet and Jean-Louis Chaussade who, since the Group’s IPO in 2008, have led SUEZ’s development and transformation, adapting to market developments and to the needs of customers.

Commenting on this, Jean-Louis Chaussade said: “I am deeply honored to have been chosen by the Board of Directors to succeed Gérard Mestrallet to whom I pay tribute.

I will leave the top management of a Group prepared for the future. In 15 years, SUEZ has undergone significant transformation. Our businesses have transformed, we have doubled our global foothold, we have seen robust revenue growth, as well as moving to a single brand and undergoing digital transformation. Bertrand Camus will take over in May and I am delighted with this appointment. I know he will be able to carry out the necessary transformations at a sustained pace: he is a born winner with a bold entrepreneurial mindset.”

Gerard Mestrallet added: "I am delighted that SUEZ’s Board of Directors has unanimously decided to appoint Jean-Louis Chaussade as the Group’s future Chairman, effective at the next Annual General Meeting of May 14, 2019. On the threshold of this important year for SUEZ, the Group will be able to count on a Chairman who combines all the required qualities and experience."


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