SUEZ and Vauban Infrastructure Partners strengthen their partnership with a €1 billion investment in France

SUEZ and Vauban Infrastructure Partners, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, announced the creation of “SUEZ Investissement Local” in July. The partnership focuses on financing projects in the water and waste industries, targeting initial funding of €500 million in France by 2025.
Since the announcement, Vauban IP and SUEZ have formalized the partnership. From now on, both groups aim to strengthen collaboration through bolder projects that meet investment needs in the water, wastewater and waste industries (construction or renovation of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, aste-to-energy plants and facilities specialized in the methanation of organic waste and sewage sludge). They will roll out new infrastructure, which will drive the ecological and social transition forward.

The partnership has identified several projects, both in waste and water industries. First, in waste, some twenty initiatives have been developed, with a focus on using Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) as well as modernizing and rebuilding sorting centers. Second, in water, more than €1 billion has now been earmarked for Suez Investissement Local investment, driven in particular by large-scale contracts. As a result, the partnership’s budget and ambitions have been given a boost.

This commitment is now reflected in progress made in two regional-focused projects:
  • the imminent signing of a first project —Biosynergy 76— that will produce and deliver circular recycling of heat coming from SRF. The initiative seeks to provide sustainable heat to Le Havre’s urban heat network and several port-based industrial sites;
  • the development of a project and its tender submission for the city of Nice to modernize and operate the concession of a waste-to-energy plant and nearby sorting center. The project is key to optimizing the region’s waste recovery process and improving the municipality's energy efficiency.
SUEZ Investissement Local’s approach, which is group and partner-focused, leverages the shared expertise of SUEZ’s teams, combining their unrivalled expertise in industry and operations with the financial experience of Vauban Infrastructure Partners. The latter is a long-standing regional investment partner in France with an investment policy that delivers a perfect alignment of interests for stakeholders thanks to its holistic vision and very long-term financing commitment (25 years).

SUEZ and Vauban Infrastructure Partners are stepping up their investment to provide SUEZ Investissement Local with the finances to develop innovative solutions. To this end, Suez Investissement Local will deliver an ambitious set of sustainable local infrastructure initiatives for the benefit of infrastructure user-citizens with a commitment to innovation and competitiveness.

Gwenola Chambon, Chief Executive Officer of Vauban Infrastructure Partners, commented: “Vauban Infrastructure Partners’ ambition is to develop and invest alongside our industry partner, SUEZ, with a focus on innovative and sustainable projects. Such initiatives will drive growth and employment across France and I welcome the progress and achievements made and our strengthened partnership as a result of major milestones in the first set of projects under development.”


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