Sustainable development

SUEZ and La Maison Pour Rebondir announce the creation of more than 200 jobs and the support of 41 entrepreneurs

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of La Maison pour Rebondir, the social innovation laboratory founded by SUEZ in Bordeaux to encourage and secure access to long-term employment in particular for the most vulnerable persons, SUEZ announces promising results of its actions.

More than 200 jobs created in the Bordeaux region

Working closely with its partners (Pôle Emploi job centres, PLIE local insertion and employment programmes, Missions Locales community aid projects and social entrepreneurs), La Maison Pour Rebondir helps vulnerable  jobs seekers to find or return to work through three frameworks of action: integrating job seekers within SUEZ subsidiaries or other partner companies, encouraging people to create their own businesses, and working with social entrepreneurs in order to co-create environmental services with employment potential.
In five years, La Maison Pour Rebondir has helped creating 200 jobs, particularly by enabling 79 people to join SUEZ subsidiaries as network agents, cleaning agents, electrical mechanics, sorting agents, HGV drivers etc.

Building on this success, SUEZ launched a branch of La Maison Pour Rebondir in Val de Marne (94) at the end of 2016. More branches are due to open in 2017, helping to boost SUEZ’s work in developing local employment and social cohesion.

The “J’Entreprends” (My Start Up) programme, an innovative way to support business creation

Local employment and integration agencies refer job seekers to La Maison Pour Rebondir. They follow an eight-month incubation programme that includes one-on-one coaching right up to the registration of their company, 350 hours of specialised training in entrepreneurship, networking with industry professionals and socio-professional support.

Since 2012, la Maison Pour Rebondir has supported the creation of 41 companies, creating therefore 51 jobs.

Every year, La Maison Pour Rebondir supports a group of 15 entrepreneurs. One such example is Sébastien Joseph who, having had a series of part-time jobs as a waiter, decided to set up his own yoghurt-making business. He is now selling his yoghurts at local markets. Jeannette Tekplo, who came to France from Togo in 2004, decided to open her own grocery two years ago and will hire her first employee during the next few weeks.

Using the social and solidarity economy to develop accessible jobs that cannot be relocated

As a key player in the Bordeaux region’s economy, SUEZ is developing local initiatives to boost the circular economy. Thus, La Maison Pour Rebondir has developed partnerships in five activities including collecting and recovering cooking oils with Les Détritivores or cigarette butts with EcoMégots, replacing water meters with Les Compagnons Bâtisseurs, recovering bulky waste with R3 and tackling food waste with Elixir.