RECYGO, the joint company of La Poste and SUEZ, continues to grow one year after its launch

On the occasion of the “Produrable” exhibition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in Paris on 9 and 10 April, RECYGO, the joint company of La Poste and SUEZ specialised in the collection and recovery of office waste (paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, cartridges, etc.), shows promising results after one year of activity on a fast-growing market.

Today, RECYGO has 50 employees tasked with selling and implementing the solutions. La Poste, SUEZ and their partners from the social and inclusive economy operate the collection and recycling services.

275,000 employees in 10,000 company offices, ranging from very small businesses to SMEs, public establishments and major groups, such as Groupama, Intermarché etc. use the solution every day. 100 tonnes of paper, a weight equivalent to six buses, are collected for recycling every day. In this way, the company avoids the emission of 30 tonnes of CO2 per day and contributes to the implementation of the Energy Transition Law and in particular the "5 flux" decree requiring the sorting of paper and cardboard, plastics, metal, wood and glass

Demand from businesses has risen sharply in one year, following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. Office paper and archives contain a lot of personal data, meaning that they fall within the scope of the regulation. RECYGO has called on the Haas Avocats* law firm to produce a white paper, due for publication in the coming weeks, that will help its customers to comply with this regulation.

RECYGO also develops specific solutions for confidential papers using secure containers and a unique traceability system, in which every batch of confidential papers is tracked, from collection to destruction. A certificate is produced for every destruction operation that can be downloaded from a secure online portal at all times. These high-security solutions can be accessed by offices anywhere in metropolitan France, regardless of their size. Medical clinics, law firms or any other company can order a secure archive destruction operation directly online at

According to Corinne Sieminski, CEO of RECYGO: “Since RECYGO was created a year ago, we have delivered solutions to almost 3,000 new customers. Our digital innovations, from the first online site selling recycling solutions to a performance-tracking platform that can be accessed by all our customers, have made a significant contribution to speeding up our growth.”


*Gérard Haas is a lawyer specialised in intellectual property and the author of “How to explain the GDPR to my boss”. 

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