Press release

SUEZ takes note of the purchase by Veolia of 29.9% of its capital in a hostile manner and under unprecedented and irregular conditions.

The Group confirms that it will use all the means at its disposal to protect the interests of its employees, its clients and all its stakeholders, in particular to ensure equal and fair treatment of all its shareholders and avoid a creeping takeover or de facto control.


SUEZ's 150-year-long history does not end overnight. In this new phase, SUEZ expresses its thanks to all of the Group's employees and social partners who work everyday, with pride in our values, to deliver essential services to our customers, in the spirit of our Corporate Purpose.


Press: Isabelle Herrier Naufle +33 1 58 81 55 62
Analysts / Investors: Mathilde Rodié, Cécile Combeau
+33 1 58 81 24 05

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