Pollutec Trade Show: SUEZ supports cities by launching two digital solutions for tourism and to help seniors living at home

Committed to resource preservation, SUEZ has developed a solution using smart water meters, named ON’ connectTM. This solution helps to monitor and manage water consumption daily, and provides new, high value-added services to cities and their inhabitants. At the Pollutec trade show taking place from 27 to 30 November in Lyon (France), SUEZ presents two new digital platforms: “ON’connectTM tourism” and “ON’connectTM generation”, designed with local authorities to improve urban services quality.


The population in cities can be six times higher during tourism peaks. For this reason, SUEZ is launching ON’connectTM tourism, a decision-making support tool allowing local authorities to visualise, predict and control the impacts of seasonality on a territory. The platform cross-references data on daily water consumption with open data (such as school holidays, weather forecasts, ticketing, etc.) and uses predictive algorithms to provide the local authority with concrete elements to help it adjust services (reception services, planning works, waste collection, security, transport, etc.) and optimise its communication with tourists. This solution, developed in collaboration with tourism professionals, will be used by the tourism and convention office (Office de Tourisme et des Congrès) in Biarritz (64).


In the context of an ageing population, increasing the autonomy of the elderly and enabling them to continue living in their homes is a growing challenge. The ON’connectTM generation platform, designed for care and support professionals and for local social structures, offers a preventive support service for isolated older people, to improve their independence and help them stay in their own homes. Thanks to the interpretation of daily water consumption data, the application characterises everyday habits and provides early detection of weak signals that might indicate a loss of independence. This information can trigger quick assistance for senior citizens and helps care and support professionals with the everyday monitoring of older people. For community social action centres (CCAS), this service facilitates the monitoring of fragile or isolated individuals, particularly with planning for heatwaves or extreme cold. Developed in partnership with the “Innovation and Usages Centre” connected to the Nice University Hospital, and with the Nice community social action centre, the solution has been undergoing testing at the Saint Jean d’Angely retirement home since the start of 2017. It is also going to be piloted in Barcelona, in partnership with a remote support service provider.

These two digital solutions rely, in particular, on the analysis of water consumption data collected by the smart meters every day. The ON’connectTM solution is applied to over 3.5 million meters in Europe, 2 million of which are in France, for local authorities and housing stock managers. Initially designed to facilitate reading and billing of water consumption, this solution now helps to develop innovative services for cities and their inhabitants.