Innovation: SUEZ expands its range of digital solutions to preserve the water resource

SUEZ has developed a smart water meter solution, ON’ connectTM, based on the WIZE technology. These smart meters help track water consumption on a daily basis and provide new services to cities and their inhabitants. SUEZ has passed a milestone with 4 million smart meters sold and is launching a new application, “ON’connectTM coach”, to help users manage their water consumption.

After the launch of the “ON’connect™ tourism” and “ON’connect™ generation” applications in 2018, SUEZ presents “ON’connect™ coach”, which helps users to optimise their consumption, especially of domestic hot water. Indeed, two thirds of household uses require the water to be heated (showers, washing machine, etc.). The energy required accounts for half the price of a m3 and has an impact on the environment as hot water represents over 75% of the carbon footprint of domestic water, or around 2% of total emissions per inhabitant.

“ON’connect™ coach” helps households track their daily water consumption, the breakdown of different usages (domestic hot water, gardening water, potential leaks, etc.) and compare their consumption with that of similar households. The application also provides customised indicators and assesses potential savings by changing equipment (shower heads, etc.) or usages. By following the customised tips provided by “ON’connect™ coach”, a user can save an estimated average of €50 per year in water and energy costs. The solution is currently being deployed for the 80,000 users of the Water Authority of Valenciennes, in France.

This application uses SUEZ’s ON’connectTM smart meter solution, which already equips over 4 million water meters, including 2.3 million in France, 1.4 million in Spain, 250,000 in Malta and the other meters being deployed in Europe and abroad. Over 600 local authorities have chosen this solution in France, including, recently, the Le Mans Urban Community (120,000 users), the Durance Ventoux Syndicate (58,000 users), the Carcassonne Urban Community (48,120 users) and the Val de Sambre Syndicate in Maubeuge (47,000 users), as have seaside resorts like Fuerteventura and Txingudi in Spain, and the cities of Ostrava and Brno in Czech Republic.