More than half of SUEZ’s employees in France have reserved “Sharing 2021” shares, the 5th employee shareholding plan from the Group: a record of commitment

The subscription period for Sharing 2021, the Group’s fifth shareholding plan for SUEZ employees in France, ended on Monday 25th January.

At the end of the subscription period, more than 15,000 employees had expressed their wish to invest in Sharing 2021, a subscription rate of 52%, an increase of more than 60% compared with the subscription rates recorded in France for the four previous plans.

Bertrand Camus, CEO of SUEZ is delighted by the growth, which demonstrates the confidence and mobilization of the Group's employees:
At the end of the subscription/withdrawal period which runs from March 5th to 9th, and based on the benchmark price set on March 4th, employee shareholder ownership of SUEZ should increase from 4% to 5.6% of the share capital, based on current conditions.


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